“Suddenly, seven years later….”

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Yes, it’s the seventh anniversary of this little site of mine, and clearly, that’s eight years too long. Plus, I’ve been reminded on the Twitter that I’ve been doing online comic book type things since my BBS days over twenty-something years ago. I obviously need some sort of intervention.

I say this every time (hey, dig that, a category for my anniversary posts!) but I also mean it every time: thank you all so much for reading my site and, hopefully, enjoying it. For something that just started as a way to amuse a few friends to have acquired the audience that it has stills surprises me, and I’m very grateful for your attention.

Thanks of course to my family and my girlfriend, who seem to tolerate my obsessions or at least don’t complain about them in front of me; to my best pal Dorian who does complain about me in front of me, but I know he’s doing it out of friendship; to Employee Aaron and the rest of the cast of characters around the comic shop where I allegedly work, who have yet to file any restraining orders against me; to all the other members of the Bureau Chiefs, who allow me to hang with them even though I’m not nearly as funny or clever as they are; to my fellow bloggers, comics and otherwise, who mostly don’t hate me, I think; and, as always, a big thanks to Neilalien, Comics Blogger Alpha, because he is awesome.

The other thing I do pretty much every time an anniversary comes around is say “well, I don’t know that I’m going to update daily for another year” but then I end up doing so anyway (aside from the occasional technical glitch I have no control over). So, I’m just going to assume that I’ll do so for the next year, too. Barring accident, traumatic life change, or bribery, naturally.

A couple of interesting events happened over the past year, relating to my online activities: first, of course, was the book deal stemming from Fake AP Stylebook, the title of which (Write More Good) we were finally able to announce publicly a couple of months ago. We wrote the book earlier this year and we had a lot of fun cooking up the gags and running them past each other for suggestions and improvements, and hopefully you folks will like it too. And despite what I say at that link, the book is now available for preorder so if everyone out there each buys, like, thirty copies apiece, that’ll work out nicely.

And speaking of Fake AP Stylebook, that’s still going strong, with over 180,000 followers on the Twitter…and we’re still writing plenty of jokes for it, so it’s not going anywhere any time soon. The folks behind that feed, the bloggers and professors and rappers and whatnot who comprise the previously mentioned Bureau Chiefs, also worked on a comedy/commentary site for most of this year, featuring my regular This Is A Fetish for Someone column. I also occasionally contributed to pal Dorian’s News Briefs there.

Plus, because I don’t spend enough time online, I started a second weblog on the Tumblr platform all you kids are into, called Estate 4.1, in which I pull only the most choice user comments from online news stories and gather them together for your amusement. Find out why all my friends tell me “Mike, I can’t read your new site…it’s too depressing.” (I first announced Estate 4.1 in this blog post, where the combined quote and image still makes me laugh.)

And, let us not forget, this was the year of the Great WordPress Transition, where I finally moved from the Blogger software platform and ended up breaking my entire site. (I’ve fixed most of the problems since then. Well, I still write for this site, but I’m afraid we’re stuck with that particular issue.)

So anyway, enough about me…here’s more about me: behold these few…well, okay, too many posts of note from the last year:

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Plus, I also wrote this review of The Comic Reader #212 for the Trouble with Comics website, in case you missed that the first time around.

• • •

And for reading all that, you get this picture Employee Aaron and I drew of Beholders from Dungeons & Dragons:

Mine’s in the lower left.

Thanks for reading, everyone, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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