Eat it, Google Maps!

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The timing on this worked out fairly well, as I’m under the weather and this is content provided by YOU, the reader. As I was hoping, some of you folks took this map and did something creative and amusing with it, which, as someone in need of some cheering, I very much appreciate.

Swamp pal and damned dirty ape expert Rich Handley put his stinking paws to work on this fine map:

Sleestak consulted the Library of Skulls in the Lost City, and came away with this timely map ripped from headlines of the 1950s…or is it today:

And this last one is from the little stuffed bull to end all little stuffed bulls…the Fantastic Bully, who clobbered me with this:

It seemed wrong to post this particular image without any alt text, for some reason.

Thanks, guys…you done good, you mugs.

ADDENDUM: I missed this one that was sent to me by Dave from Dave Ex Machina…sorry, Dave!

3 Responses to “Eat it, Google Maps!”

  • Rich Handley says:

    Wow, here I thought I was being clever with the Apes-themed panel… and then I read the other two. Well played, sirs! Well played, indeed.

    Hope you’re feeling better, Mike! Take a day off and re-read the entire Doug Wheeler run–that should make you feel less sick by comparison.

  • ArghSims says:

    Get better, Mike! I hope you occur again.

  • CW says:

    Here’s my contribution, Mike: .

    That period is actually a map of Jarella’s sub-atomic world of K’ai from the Hulk comics, enlarged 1000X. The map’s hilarious, take my word for it. ;)