I cause beautiful things to happen.

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Inspired by Employee Aaron’s quickie sketch in yesterday’s post, longtime customer Gary (creator of the infamous Frog by Day comic) generated a more fully-rendered version for the delight and amazement of all. I mean, damn, look at that. Who wouldn’t want to read that comic? And check out that elephant. That’s too cute for words, that is.

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In other news:
• Another customer of mine, Jim Kingman, explores a bit of comics history regarding DC’s fantasy books of the 1970s and their distribution.

• Did you know that internet pal Andrew is doing 28 Days of Jack of Hearts for the month of February? It’s totally true.

And Bully the Little Stuffed Bull is doing 365 Days with Hank McCoy, the ever-lovin’ blue-furred Beast from the X-Men!

• A few days ago I was going to say a few words about all that hoohar regarding alleged follow-ups to Watchmen, but Tom kinda beat anything I could add.

Also, would still totally read that.

• And don’t forget, I’m still taking questions in the comments for this post. Feel free to ask away!

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