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Your 2018 Predictions, Part Five: Gun on Ice Planet Zero.

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So, we meet again! Time to look at more your 2018 comic industry predictions and see how all you amateur fortune tellers did this time ’round! If you’ve missed any installments so far, here are some handly links to parts the first, the second, the third, and the fourth. Also, there’s still time to send in your 2019 predictions right here!

Let’s get this prediction party started:

Longtime customer* Gary Guthrie fishes sinisterly** with

“When Disney finally buys DC, we all get the Jimmy Olsen / Wolverine / BB-8 miniseries everyone has been clamoring for. Goofy is the surprise guest star.”

It really is only a matter of time before everything collapses into the comics singularity. Not yet, but it’s coming, oh yes.

“We can’t say Batman marries Catwoman, because when Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle wed, they retire from costumed adventuring and the Bat-family of books become domestic comedies. Peter Parker and Mary Jane are the surprise guest stars.”

As we know, no knot was tied between the two in either of their identities, so alas, no The Golden Batgirls or The Big Bat Theory or Gimme A Backbreak or I Love Lucius or anything like that was gifted upon us.

“Dr. Manhattan turns out to have been the source of The Spectre’s power all along. Mephisto and Son of Satan are the surprise guest stars.”

I figured at the very least Dr. Manhattan would get on the Spectre for stealin’ his naked gimmick in Kingdom Come. Ah well…there’s still a couple of issues to go in Doomsday Clock for that to happen…or for anything to happen.

• • •

Bret Sector divides us with

“DC’s success with its Hanna-Barbera crossovers will ‘inspire’ Marvel to go all in with Disney character crossovers…Spidey/Mickey; Deadpool/Goofy; and of couse Moon Knight/Dark-wing Duck.”

Like with Marvel/Star Wars crossovers, I’m surprised Marvel hasn’t attempted this, aside from what I’m sure is some Disney-imposed restriction on such things. This of course means no Howard the Duck/Donald Duck: PANTS-OFF in our immediate future, I’m sad to say.

“This year’s return of Marvel Value Stamps and FOOM will lead to the return of the MMMS and a re-issue of the 45rpm marching anthem.”

At the very least, make it a digital download! But I’m afraid the Merry Society still no longer marches.

“DC’s comedian comics from days gone by (e.g., Jerry Lewis, Bob Hope,…) will ‘inspire’ Marvel to start a comedian team comic made up of modern day comedians who also happen to be comic book authors as well – Brian Poehn, Patton Oswalt, Rashida Jones, Zeb Wells, and Del Close are the Comedy Avengers!”

“So what’s going on in this Louis C.K. comic book…ew, gross.”

We did have a comic book by comedians that debuted on Free Comic Book Day, but not quite like what you were hoping for. Which is too bad. In fact, I wouldn’t mind just the Bob Hope comic book coming back. It would probably sell like five copie nationwide, but I’d like it!

• • •

A.J. bops you with this here lollipop

“A Herbie: The Fat Fury movie will be announced.”

Would have loved for this to be true, but we must face the unfortunate fact that the entertainment industry lacks the sheer genius and talent to properly pull off what would be The Greatest Movie of All Time, Perhaps Even Greater Than Frank Miller’s The Spirit.

• • •

David Alexander McDonald calls this “keeping it down” with

“…okay, okay, I’ll try to keep it down this year. You’re an old man now, Mike, can’t lift the way you used to.”

“we’ll see more movement amongst the bigger publishers towards European style albums, with Snyder’s ALL-STAR BATMAN gradually going that way. Marvel will revive their 1980s/1990s graphic novel line, but pooch it badly, while DC will gave trouble being consistent. The *big* winners for a while will be Boom, Dynamite and IDW (who will have Byrne adjust his design for New Visions to start the trend.)”

…I’d say Batman: Damned kinda fits the bill here…it’s been a success so far, goosed along by a little bit of that ol’ fashioned sales booster of “controversy” — and there have been one or two other oversized album-esque publications here and there, but I haven’t seen anyone pushing for the big switchover yet. But at least it appears to be a viable option!

“Movies/TV…DC will work up and promote a riff on Multiversity to tie films and TV shows together. New plans will be laid out to rescue the DC IP. Marvel Studios will promote the idea of a multiverse post-Infinity War as a way of pushing off continuity questions and the hassles of the TV and film arms working coherently together. It’ll still all be MCU. Sony will be embarrassed, Fox’s last X-slate will play out, and there’ll be no more X-Men until 2025.”

Hmm…I don’t think we’ve seen action in either direction so far. The next DC crossover on TV is titled Crisis on Infinite Earths, but it almost certainly won’t involve the movies. (If anything, I’m betting there’s going to use it to get Supergirl on the same Earth as everyone else…there’s my 2019 prediction). And I think Marvel has too much invested in keeping everything at least loosely tied togther…they likely feel the appeal of the TV shows is boosted by their sometimes distant connection to one film contintuity, without dealing with parallel universes and such. I think Sony’s probably fine, as Spider-Man licensing ahd their deal with Marvel Studios has been lucrative (and the Venom movie wasn’t the bomb people were expecting…well, that I was expecting). And…is there still another X-movie coming? I’ve lost track. Whether Marvel picks it up again for the 2025 slate…check back here in 2025!

“Mike will form a jug band and perform in store concerts if nothing but songs about swamp creatures. The band will be called Mike Sterling’s Louisiana Swamp Stompers and their first (and likely last) album will be titled REBORN ON THE BAYOU.”

“MUCK-ENCRUSTED MOCKERY OF A MIKE,” thank you very much.

• • •

Richard Martines sez

“With the addition of Bendis to the already strong line up of King and Snyder, DC will have a boost in quality product that should result with increased sales. Add that to the Art Direction with Jim Lee as the lead guru, and I see a great 2018 for DC.”

Like was mentiond in a previous installment, comic book sales were down a bit overall over 2018. That doesn’t say too much specifically about quality, which is a very subjective measure…but I’ll say all the folks named are doing mostly good work with good readerships over at DC. I mean, it’s hard to find a series more critically acclaimed from the Big Two than Mister Miracle. Bendis hasn’t been the Big Deal that folks were expecting, I think…Superman sales started out strong, but are dwindling back to where they were pre-Bendis. But his Young Justice debut issue did well, and we’ll see how the Bendis-headed “Wonder Comics” imprint does overall.

“I look for Marvel to cut back on titles and focus on increasing quality and sales with less product. This is what Brian Hibbs is asking and it makes sense to me. Not only for Marvel but for all comic publishers.”

Marvel’s hasn’t reversed its decades-long publishing strategy yet!

“Even with Geoff Johns as a voice of comic book fan reason at WB, I see WB continuing with disappointing movies. The Zack Snyder effect of 60 seconds of gorgeous scenes throughout the film, but having too much darkness in the plot, continues to haunt DC movies. Hopefully the Patty Jenkins effect will rise to the top. That said, my son says comic book movies seem to all be getting a bit stale.”

Aquaman certainly turned things around there! I think with its billion dollar take, we may see movies more along those lines than Batman V. Superman (which I liked just fine, but I get why people would be turned off by it). I still think Justice League, while not perfect, was still a fun movie that seemed closer in line to what people wanted, but still so heavily under the shadow of the previous films that folks went in (or didn’t go in, as the case may be) inclined against it. I have no idea what that Joker film will be like, but the next Wonder Woman film will likely continue that particuilar success, and that Harley Quinn film should give us what people liked about the Suicide Squad movie (Harley Quinn) and not give us what we didn’t like about the movie (pretty much everything else in the movie).

And I know everyone’s predicting superhero movie fatique…but it hasn’t hit yet! I mean, Star Wars movie fatigue set in first, who could’a predicted that?

• • •

Rob London bridges the gap with

“A Fantastic Four reference sneaks its way into one of this year’s three Marvel movies – maybe something as simple as RICHARDS WINS NOBEL in a news-crawl.”

This article claims such ann Easter egg in one of the Netflix shows, which everyone missed because nobody was watching that particular esries. So, um…maybe that was an egg, or it was a coincidence?

“Someone tries to bring back the Atlas/Seaboard characters. Nobody is particularly interested.”

Sorry, Morlock 2018 wasn’t a thing, and the world is the lesser for it.

“That Y: The Last Man TV show that has seemed like it was on the brink of happening for like a decade finally starts filming.”

Looks like you were right! GIVE THAT MAN A CRYSTAL BALL! …Oh, wait, you already have one.

• • •

Gregg Butterfield dreams up

“Marvel-Disney will pull the plug on floppies and go all digital on its periodical comics, limiting hard copies to trades and ‘event’ comics. DC and Image will hold out a little longer but inevitably follow suit. What’s left of the traditional comics shop market will collapse; the survivors will be the big ‘pop culture’ shops that focus on toys, games and trade paperbacks.”

Direct Market-geddon did not hit this year…and let’s hope this doesn’t happen until after I retire. Or “retire.” By which I mean “kick the bucket.”

• • •

Dave Carter lusts in his heart after

“The Aquaman movie will perform above expectations and be generally liked by movie-goers.”

That’s certainly an understatement! If you told people 20…hell, ten years ago, that an Aquaman movie would be one of DC’s biggest hits, they’d chase you with torches and pitchforks.

“The Black Lightning television show will not be renewed for a second season.”

Thankfully that didn’t happen and we did get season 2!

“DC’s ‘New Age of Heroes’ comics line will be plagued by delays.”

More like “plqgued with cancellations.” Just keep Terrifics going, DC! I need that comics!

That’s it for now…I should wrap up the predictions on Friday, so I’ll see y’all again real soon now, y’hear?

* “Longtime” as in “knew him from when I was working at the library before I started in comics retail!”

** Maybe a half-dozen people reading this, tops, will get this reference.

Colors have been changed to protect the innocent.

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So I reposted on the Twitters the other day my old sketch for a two-person Lickitung costume…Lickitung of course being the greatest Pokemon of them all. Here is the sketch in question:

Well, Customer Gary…Employee Gary, now, as he comes in and helps out a few days a week…has a talent for taking our silly ideas and expanding them into things both strange and wonderful. And he’s done it again, having spotted said sketch in my Twitter feed and evolving it into this postcard-sized whirlpool of oddity:

I wonder if I actually mailed any of these, how many would make it to their destinations versus being kept in a “watch for future mailings from Mike Sterling” file at Post Office HQ.

The return of the World’s Frownest.

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So in response to this post, Customer Gary (he of Frog by Day and Atomelephant and Elastiquito fame) has generated yet more amusing bits of business:

Look at the image in the next one upside-down if you’re having trouble the source, there:

Thanks, Gary! (Man, that’s the unhappiest Flash logo I’ve ever seen.)

A decade of Neilalien.

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Neilalien is the longest running continuous comics blogger still active, and as of yesterday he has been doing it for ten years.

I’ve spoken before about how much I appreciate Neilalien. I’ve thanked him in my anniversary posts, I’ve thanked him for helping me hash out my website issues, and I don’t remember if I ever thanked him here for, very early on, helping me with prepping images for site use, but if not, I’m thanking him now.

Neilalien is an absolute treasure, and a unique voice in the comics weblog community. I’ve never met him, no idea what his real name is (though I suspect part of it may be “Neil”), never spoken to him on the phone…but he continues to be an ongoing inspiration to my own comics blogging endeavors. Thank you Neilalien…may your own Eye of Agamotto never blink.

(Read other appreciations of Neilalien at Comic Book Galaxy and The Comics Reporter.)

• • •

In other news:

  • Pal Andres has started up a postcard campaign to get DC Comics to manufacture a giveaway Legion of Super-Heroes flight ring, like the Lantern and Flash rings. Hey, sure, I’d like one. A ring, that is, not a postcard.

    Read more about it from Andres’ cohort Svengali Lad and dis here Robot 6 article.

    I think I’m going to start up a letter-writing campaign to get a similar Swamp Thing giveaway. (“Thanks for buying Swamp Thing Adventures #1…here’s your plastic tuber.”)

  • Speaking of rings, DC finally announced the White Lantern ring giveaway which everyone kinda expected, including me.

    I’m not ashamed…I love these goofy ring giveaways. I totally want them all.

  • Speaking of greedily wanting everything…


    …I’m glad to see in the new DC solicitations that Larfleeze, the Orange Lantern of Avarice, survives Blackest Night and will be sticking around for a while. Why? Because Everyone Loves Larfleeze, that’s why. I almost broke my own self-imposed ban on buying new action figures to get that Larfleeze figure that just came out.

    This whole Blackest Night thing is all worth it just for Larfleeze. I love that guy.

  • Chris Sims and pals have done it again…twice! First, you can read the first chapter of The Chronicles of Solomon Stone #2 (with the next three chapters posted weekly). Then, prepare for your emergency awesomeness transfusion at Awesome Hospital, updated Tuesdays and Thursdays!
  • Speaking of comics, customer Gary put together a couple of sample panels for the Atomelephant and Elastiquito comic based on Employee Aaron’s sketch.

    Oh man, such a tantalizing beginning.

I cause beautiful things to happen.

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Inspired by Employee Aaron’s quickie sketch in yesterday’s post, longtime customer Gary (creator of the infamous Frog by Day comic) generated a more fully-rendered version for the delight and amazement of all. I mean, damn, look at that. Who wouldn’t want to read that comic? And check out that elephant. That’s too cute for words, that is.

• • •

In other news:
• Another customer of mine, Jim Kingman, explores a bit of comics history regarding DC’s fantasy books of the 1970s and their distribution.

• Did you know that internet pal Andrew is doing 28 Days of Jack of Hearts for the month of February? It’s totally true.

And Bully the Little Stuffed Bull is doing 365 Days with Hank McCoy, the ever-lovin’ blue-furred Beast from the X-Men!

• A few days ago I was going to say a few words about all that hoohar regarding alleged follow-ups to Watchmen, but Tom kinda beat anything I could add.

Also, would still totally read that.

• And don’t forget, I’m still taking questions in the comments for this post. Feel free to ask away!

“Thus it is the spine which must first change.”

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So some of you may remember Kid Chris’ drawing of me standing in front of a comic rack…said rack holding real titles and titles that existed only within the Kid’s fevered brow.

Well, my friends, one title has made the transition from fantasy to reality thanks to longtime customer Gary. And I do mean longtime, as in a customer…or rather, patron…of mine from my pre-comics retailer days as a librarian. Anyway, Gary was taken with the concept implied by the title Frog by Day, and, well, check this out:

I was given a printed copy and files on disk of this, the very first, and likely only, issue of Frog by Day, and he gave me permission to share it with all of you. It’s beautifully peculiar, and I hope you all enjoy it as much we did here at the shop. Watch for cameos by other titles from Kid Chris’ comic rack.

Click the thumbs for larger, froggier images, my friends: