Your 2018 Predictions, Part Two: Lost Planet of the Gods.

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Okay, I’ve got a doctor’s appointment early tomorrow morning, so your pal Mike needs to turn in and get some beauty sleep…but before I do, let’s try to do a few more of your 2018 predictions. (Part One was Monday, in case you missed it.) Also, special note to Max T: reader Allan covered the extra two predictions I didn’t, because he’s a nice guy whilst I’m cruel and heartless.

Okay, off to the races:

Thom H. had this to say

“DC or Marvel will attempt a new floppy format that is more pages for a relatively inexpensive price point (with cheaper paper stock or something). It will fail almost immediately, even though I love it.”

Well, DC did those 100-pagers for Walmart at $5 a pop, I suppose that counts. I presume they’re still doing okay, though as far as I know they’re still not at any of the 38 local Walmarts here.

“Brian K. Vaughan will start writing a new series at Image that everyone will go crazy for. It’s been a while since the last one, right?”

I think he just has to be satisfied with the immensely-successful Saga and Paper Girls, unless there’s something I’m missing. Maybe there’s a secret Boof and the Bruise Crew revival he’s working on.

“DC will put Tom King on a Superman book. I will definitely buy it and feel happy.”

Tom King wrote a story in Action #1000! So, you know, half a point there!

• • •

jobcab pulls up to the curb with the following

“My predictions re lame, but then so am I …”

Hey, everyone who participates in my yearly prediction nonsense here is a champion…a champion, I say! Specifically, The Champion of the Universe.

“There will be the faintest wisp of a reference to the Fantastic Four made in the new Avengers movie.”

I wouldn’t have put it past Marvel, but…I don’t recall one. There’s this claim, but it appears to be bit of a..well, stretch.

“Doctor Aphra will actually be announced as a character in the next ‘off year’ Star Wars movie.”

That would be an interesting development, to be sure, for one of the characters developed for the comics making the jump to the screen. It’s happened before, with the Twi’lek Jedi Aayla Secura appearing in the prequel trilogy after being created for the Dark Horse Comics Expanded Universe stuff. In that case, that basically amounted to a cameo, versus a starring role, but still, interesting. Not sure how many more “off year” Star Wars movies we’re going ot get after Solo, though.

“We’ll finally see the first of those new Neil Gaiman Miracleman stories we were supposed to get (then didn’t) so long ago.”

A popular prediction! Alas, not yet…hopefully through the sheer combined force of will of my readers, we can make it happen!

• • •

William Burns comes in hot with

“Disney loses patience with Marvel Comics’s underperformance and kicks out the guys who came up in Marvel to replace them with Disney people.”

Surprisingly, no, but you gotta wonder about Disney on one hand, consolidating their streaming efforts under their own brand, while letting Marvel comics get licensed out to other publsihers.

“Brian Bendis’s first DC comic is a Batman comic and sells very well, but six months later the sales are about where they were pre-Bendis.”

He is writing a Batman story for those aforementioned Walmart giants, but as we all know now, he’s the Superman guy. I will note that Bendis Superman sales, after an initial high peak, are beginning to crawl back down to about where they were (at least for me).

“JH Williams returns to comics with either a Vertigo or Young Animal miniseries.”

Looks like he has a big project coming from Image called Echolands, but it’s not on the schedule just yet. He’s also worked on a couple of other things this year, such as contributing to the benefit book for victims of the Las Vegas shooting, and this illustrated Dracula book for Kindle readers.

• • •

ScienceGiant violates the square-cube law with

“Still no new issues of Miracleman.

Well, that’s one way to get a hit on a Miracleman prediction around these here parts.

“‘The Winds of Winter’ will finally be published. GRRM remains a critical darling, but the overall GoT cultural impact continues to collapse.”

Doesn’t seem like it…I don’t really keep up on Game of Thrones stuff, but I presume if it had come out, then my Amazon search for it would have basically blown a trumpet in my face declaring “HERE IT IS, BUY IT, BUY IT.” But the cultural influence seems to still be there…seems like I keep seeing it referenced and discussed all over the place. Oh, you kids and your dragons and your thrones and all that.

“Progressive Ruin continues to be THE stalwart site of funny books blogging! 3 cheers for Mike in 2018.”

Sadly, I ended the blog in early 2018. Sorry, everyone.

• • •

Hooray for Gooba celebrates the following

“The Disney-Fox deal will result in the return of the priginal Fantastic Four to the comic as they gear up for a new movie.”

I’m sure it didn’t hurt. But hey, at least FF is back on the shelves, it’s actually pretty good, and hey, it’s still selling for me (even with the occasional stupidly-high price points).

“Squirrel Girl continues to be the most delightful book on the shelves.”

I’m going to say “yes, this is correct.”

“Marvel will announce either a Great Lakes Avengers or Damage Control movie or tv show.”

A Damage Control TV show was announced as “in development” in 2015, but it doesn’t appear to have gone anywhere. However, a version of Damage Control is kinda/sorta in 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, so I guess that’ll have to do.

Now, the Great Lakes Avengers…much as I’d love to see Flatman in live action, I don’t think we’ve got any movies or TV shows a’comin’. That’s just leaving money on the table, Marvel.

• • •

Okay, time for bed! For me, not you, unless it is bedtime for you when you’re reading this. Back Friday with more prediction coverage! And don’t forget to leave your 2019 predictions right here!

8 Responses to “Your 2018 Predictions, Part Two: Lost Planet of the Gods.”

  • JohnJ says:

    Still can’t find the WalMart DC Exclusives in your store? Maybe you’re looking in the wrong spot, since they are not in the magazine/book section where they should be. No, they’re buried on a lower shelf in the midst of the Pokémon and sports cards by one of the self-checkout aisles. They tend to put the new issues out on the last week of the month, although locally they missed JLA #5 in November. Don’t look for them on ebay, since the d-bags who have been trying to sell them there are asking for 3 to 5 times cover price and half ask for upto $8 shipping.
    DC plans to add Flash and Swamp Thing titles sometime this year according to an icv2 interview.

  • Thom H. says:

    Thanks for responding to my predictions! I give myself 1/2 a point for the Giant Size DC format and 1/2 a point for the Tom King. His best issues of Batman also co-star Superman, so that’s something.

    BKV not only doesn’t have a new series, he’s taking a break from Saga and ending Paper Girls in 2019. So that was a big ol’ bust. He’s bound to announce something new during that time, though, right?

    All for a final tally of…1/3. I did it!

  • Rich Handley says:

    I love the Battlestar Galactica references in the titles to your recent posts. As you know, I have a great affinity for BSG.

  • Dan says:

    Am I reading wrong or did William Burns do five predictions?

  • Mikester says:

    Dan – no, I futzed up the formatting, and put William’s predictions in the middle of joecab’s. Will fix now!

  • joecab says:

    Oh yeah I remember making those predictions now. Lame!

    But to be honest with the very last scene of Avengers: Infinity Wars, I was on the edge of my seat because I was POSITIVE that little device was going to show a blue number 4 in a black circle instead of the Captain Marvel symbol, even though Marvel had only recently regained movie rights to the FF. (I heard a rumor that we were getting actual Skrulls in a movie soon, so…)

    It’s too late for 2019 predictions, but I’m still going to guess none of my predictions from last year will happen this year either.

  • Rob Staeger says:

    Thom, you might want to give yourself a full point for Tom King. Not only did he write a story for Action 1000, but he’s the regular writer of those Walmart Superman Giant stories.

  • Thom H. says:

    Thanks, Rob! I totally forgot about that. 1.5/3 for me!

    As long as we’re talking about it, I think King’s really got Superman’s voice down. Supes is easily my favorite thing about Heroes in Crisis, which is otherwise :(.