The Startling Return of Sgt. Shark.

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from Scary Tales #34 (Sept. 1982)

1. The “ferocious fins” in the first panel…is that an exclamation, or is Sgt. Shark just describing what he’s seeing?

2. By what mechanism does the Shark Tooth pendant lend “strength” to Sgt. Shark? Is there some kind of transfer of mystical energy, or is it some placebo effect, making Sgt. Shark think he’s stronger simply because he’s wearing it?

3. “I hope I wasn’t too late” to save the girl from the shark attack, he says. So long as he’s carrying more than just the half of her body we can see, hopefully she’s fine.

4. Okay, dude, you just saved her from a shark attack. Is now the time to do the hard-sell on your magical Shark Tooth necklace thingie?

5. I don’t even want to know what’s going on in silhouette in that last panel.

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16 Responses to “The Startling Return of Sgt. Shark.”

  • Tom Cherry says:

    Apparently Sgt. Shark knows how to handle sharks, but not the ladies.

  • Bully says:

    There are two sharks, but he’s only wrasslin’ one of them. What happened to the second one?

    And, what if the girl is a shark in disguise? Ever think of that, Sgt. Shark?

  • Nat Gertler says:

    If a shark is just an overgrown goldfish in Sgt. Shark’s eyes, oughtn’t the pendant be Sgt. Shark’s Official Overgrown Goldfish Pendant?

    If her problem is being attacked by sharks, why does she need to be dragged away in what looks like some sort of choke hold?

    Shouldn’t he be dragging her toward the land rather than in parallel with it? (Or are these lake sharks?)

    Do we think that this company may have been sued out of existence when some customer took Sgt. Shark’s advice that one “fend for [one’s]self” when faced with sharks and wearing a pendant?

  • I remember your first post on Sgt. Shark. I still think a nice film treatment for Perry King is in order.

  • Andres says:

    Could you sue these guys if you got bit by a shark while wearing the pendant?

  • adam barnett says:

    Sgt. Shark RULES YOUR WORLD! Don’t act like he doesn’t….

  • philip says:

    I think Perry King a little long in the tooth (yuk yuk) for the role. He could play Sgt. Shark’s irascible, alcoholic father (with requisite heart of gold). I do think this part is perfect for Matthew McConaughey, however. Make it happen, Hollywood!

  • Rockie Bee says:

    The younger Perry King would be perfect for this. We simply need to utilize the technology from ‘Sky Captain’ — the Lawrence Olivier reanimation — on some old ‘Riptide’ footage, maybe mix that up with some vocal tracks from ‘The Star Wars Radio Drama.’ Somebody get Ari Gold to tie up these loose ends and it’s do-able.

  • Bill Reed says:

    Why’s he got that poor woman in a choke hold?

  • Nat Gertler says:

    I must learn to talk clearly and distinctly with a knife in my mouth!

  • Tom K Mason says:

    If Sgt. Shark hates sharks, what does this say about Sgt. Fury, Sgt. Rock and Sgt. Pepper…?

  • C. Elam says:

    As my Charlton collection is weak, I am thrilled to learn that Sgt. Shark was more than just a one-shot. This ranks him right up there with AAU Shuperstar!

  • Luke says:

    Even in the last panel, they never actually confirm that he has saved more than half of the girl. This adds a troubling dimension to his attempts to hit on her…

  • Nat Gertler says:

    We see neither dock nor boat, so what exactly is he doing with the rope in the first panel? Is that, perhaps, the door-pull for the shark cage?

  • Jeff R. says:

    In fact, that silhouette raises the question of whether either one of these people in fact have legs…

  • DanielBT says:

    The lack of legs could be a viable clue as to what`s happening in the last panel. Use your warped imagination as much as possible here – that palm tree might NOT be a palm tree after all.