“I’m wearing a worm-suit — it’s waterproof — and if I take it off…I’LL DROWN!!”

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So I was looking through a coverless copy of Star-Studded Comics from the mid-1940s, and I came across this “Dipsy Doodle” story and I wanted to tell you folks about it, but I didn’t know where to even begin…so here’s the whole darn thing:

7 Responses to ““I’m wearing a worm-suit — it’s waterproof — and if I take it off…I’LL DROWN!!””

  • rob! says:

    This was later adapted into the movie The Human Centipede. Man, why does Hollywood always mess with the source material?

  • damanoid says:

    Apparently the reader is meant to interpolate a scene between the last two panels, in which the characters mutally recognize the inherent futility of marriage between an aquatic vertebrate and a terrestrial arthropod.

    Storytelling was much more compressed back then.

  • philip says:

    A fine example of why I love the funny books. I am going to spend my day trying to imagine the little wormy hatter, where those tough-guy worms got their lids. Also, the wormy tobacconist where they got their tiny smokes.

  • nate says:

    I love comics with a lesson.

    Exploit those beneath you. Feed em to the fishes if they get uppity.

    Never marry outside your species, unless you’re a jitterbug that gets seduced by a Doodle.

  • Andres says:

    Damn fine drugs they had back in the ’40s.

  • Scipio says:

    I swear that Dispy Doodle was referred to in “Roger Rabbit” at some point….

  • Shinwell Johnson says:

    More likely that was Dinky Doodle, a duckling in some Hanna Barbera cartoons.