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The End of Civilization is postponed ’til tomorrow.

§ July 25th, 2013 § Filed under alligators, tampons, worm suit § 3 Comments

Sorry, gang…other stuff got in the way. I’m a bad, bad blogger who needs to be punished.

Er, anyway.

See you tomorrow.

“I’m wearing a worm-suit — it’s waterproof — and if I take it off…I’LL DROWN!!”

§ September 13th, 2010 § Filed under dipsy doodle, golden age, worm suit § 7 Comments

So I was looking through a coverless copy of Star-Studded Comics from the mid-1940s, and I came across this “Dipsy Doodle” story and I wanted to tell you folks about it, but I didn’t know where to even begin…so here’s the whole darn thing: