You’re all a bunch of sinners.

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So this comic came out last week:

…which also happened to be the same week this comic came out:

We sold out of the former. We have yet to sell a single copy of the latter.

The theological implications are staggering.

22 Responses to “You’re all a bunch of sinners.”

  • Savedone says:

    Could it mean that the people who would buy the Jesus comic are out doing better things, unaware of the comic book, while the people that would buy the Hellboy comic collect those, and were in a comic book store and saw it?

  • Nimbus says:

    Does that “Jesus Christ” comic book feature a luchador possessed by a Bat-God of Death? No? Well, that’s where they’re going wrong then! If they had Jesus as a wrestler possessed by the Holy Spirit, then things might’ve been closer.

  • MattMinus says:

    Could it be that Hellboy kicks Jesus’ ass?

  • Rocco says:

    Perhaps they should crossover to give this new “Jesus” character more exposure.

  • Harvey Jerkwater says:

    Jesus comics always tank because readers are sick of the “superheroes never stay dead” cliche.

  • Maybe everyone knows how the Jesus comic ends.

  • Doc Arkham says:

    Could it be that most Bluewater Comics, as a rule, kinda suck?

  • Staggering indeed, Linus.

  • Roger Green says:

    Obviously proving that Christian are a persecuted minorioty in the United States.

  • Pal Cully says:

    It would sell better if Jesus fought luchadors.

  • Well, if they had made a Jesus Christ movie with Ron Perlman as Jesus, now THAT would rock!

  • drmedula says:

    True story: the first HELLBOY movie came out the same week as PASSION OF THE CHRIST, and there wer reparts of hostile exchanges between people in lines for the two very different films.
    When told about it, Mike Mignola simply noted that most Hellboy fans just didn’t like gorey splatter films.

  • Emerson says:

    Unrelated but I need advice. What’s the best CBR reader I can download for free. I’m using Comical but it doesn’t let me use the arrow button on my keyboard to advance to the next page. Are there any good ones that do that?


  • Ian says:

    Maybe if Richard Corben had drawn the book about Jesus too, someone would have bought it.

  • Joe H says:

    Even more telling is the irreverent humor in these responses… sinners indeed. Sinners. Indeed.

  • Of course, Jesus is a lot like Superman….
    …if you take away the cool costume…
    …and the hot wife…
    …and the badass archenemy…
    …not to mention “faster than a speeding bullet”…
    …”more powerful than a locomotive”…
    …and while we’re on the subject, Jesus never leaped any tall buildings in a single bound.
    Speaking as a born-again Christian, I’m proud to say that Jesus is my savior.
    But as a comic book character…Jesus sucks.
    Here endeth the lesson.

  • Anonymous says:

    Everyone’s still waiting for that Swamp Thing/Jesus Christ team-up.

    Plus, I don’t think the market can sustain a character with over 2,000 years of overexposure, reboots, retcons, revivals, heresy, schisms, stunts, controversy, event fatigue, faith decline, and creative stagnation.

  • Eric L says:

    They really need to do some sort of Jesus on Infinite Earths type crossover to clean up his continuity. Right it’s so screwed up I don’t know who to believe.

  • Tom K Mason says:

    Jesus would have to be created by Kirby, Crumb, Johnny Ryan or Bushmiller for me to care. The Hellboy comic could be drawn with a muddy stick and I’d be at the store when the doors opened.

  • Nat Gertler says:

    Oh, they know about that parallels between Superman and Jesus. They’re trying to copy the Superman promotional effots of a couple decades back – they kill him off and you just know they’re going to bring him back again.

  • But Camaxotz is my god!

  • BoozerX says:

    They spoiled the end in the cover.