I don’t often wear my Tom Servo “I’M HUGE!” t-shirt for the same reason.

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Another recently arrived purchase from the eBay: a companion Sluggo magnet for the one I received a few days ago:

This Sluggo is kinda sorta posed the same way as the Sluggo in the last Sluggo Saturday, only sans moustache.

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Arrived at the store this week is an assortment of buttons called “DC Superheroes Have Issues,” and some of the buttons feature pics of superheroes and villains with captions identifying their particular problem and, perhaps, intended to comment on the wearer of said button. Like, Batman’s says “Needs Anger Management,” Flash’s is “Speed Freak” (er…), Dr. Fate’s is “Painfully Shy” (because of the full facemask, you see), and Joker’s is “Just Crazy,” which is pretty funny, actually.

The best one is probably this one:

And while this may be a problem of the Penguin’s (though perhaps overstating it a bit):

…that’s…um, well, what can you say, really. Apparently, expected demand for this button was low, as this was the only one in the box. Or maybe it’s a Rare Chase Retailer Incentive Embossed Foil Die Cut Cover – Death and Return of Captain America and Superman Autographed by Alex Ross and Buck Rogers and Silver Spoons Star Erin Gray Button! Starting Bid $129.99! L@@K! H@T! We Take PayPal!

…Er, sorry about that.

For some reason, I Googled “morbidly obese Penguin” and up came this page, and apparently the phrase is some kind of internet thing. Maybe. I guess. Who can tell?

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Finally got around to reading some of this week’s comics, and regarding Grant Morrison’s Batman and Robin #16…without getting into spoilers, let’s just say that they weren’t kidding about it being a “game-changer.” I mean, we knew where it was going, given the premise of Batman, Inc., but how it got from here to there is something else. Of course, my first reaction to reading it is “I wonder what they’re going to have to do when they eventually change everything back to the way it was” since, like any comic book character with this long an existence and with this much tie-in merchandise and other media translations, the inertia of its own history and reader/general public expectations always tends toward reverting these kinds of temporary fiddlings with the formulas. But, given the kind of change made, and the relative significance of the character, I suspect the transition back to the old status quo may be as traumatic as the change over to the new one…and I also suspect Morrison has said transition already built into place for when the time comes.

Oh, the comic was good, too.

5 Responses to “I don’t often wear my Tom Servo “I’M HUGE!” t-shirt for the same reason.”

  • philip says:

    I will say that the ending of Batman & Robin #16 kind of made me want to get it on the 60 or 70 Batman books they plan to release every month. I don’t know if I’ll still feel that way when they all start hitting, but that epilogue was certainly, as the kids call it, a doozy.

  • david z. says:

    Will you be drawing the mustache in?

  • Allan says:

    As much as I loved playing the Arkham Asylum video game, I was deeply disturbed when I earned the Penguin character card and saw that his height and weight was listed as 5’2″ and 170 lbs, which just also happens to be my own height and weight. That made me sad. It also means Mr. Copperpot is, like me, merely regularly obese and not morbidly so (at least according to what my WiiFit tells me).

  • Marcus says:

    I totally have Erin Gray’s autograph somewhere (wearing the Buck Rogers outfit). My mom was her accountant and I got random TV star stuff-that-you-give-your-accountants-to-give-their-kids-so-they-don’t-ask-for-more-money all the time