Someone ask Geoff Johns to bring back that Qwardian in the derby hat.

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How evil is Green Lantern’s arch nemesis Sinestro? Why, he’s so evil, he’s coming in a very solid second, just behind Gypo-Bax, in the Most Evil Citizen of Qward popularity contest:

I do have to admit that the very idea of Sinestro desperately trying to win a popularity contest tickles me. I can just picture Sinestro handpainting a bunch of “VOTE SIN” construction paper signs and hanging them around the school. But then again, the very idea of Sinestro fretting about a contest like this, while appearing a bit silly to adults, would probably resonate with the school-age children this comic was aimed at.

But seriously, This Guy:

…he’s like the Qward Dimension Evil Anti-Matter Duplicate of Doiby Dickles.

And that he’s Sinestro’s “campaign manager” is a hoot, too. You know Sinestro didn’t hire the guy, that he just kinda declared himself Sinestro’s campaign manager, and Sinestro simply can’t shake him off.

Oh, speaking of Green Lantern, I guess there’s a trailer out for the movie.

images from Green Lantern #15 (Sept 1962) by John Broome, Gil Kane and Joe Giella

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