Not tonight…I have a headache.

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Yesterday was a rare Mike-less Saturday at the comic shop, as I was suffering the aftereffects of a pretty bad migraine headache. As opposed to, you know, all those wonderfully fantastic migraine headaches. As I write this (late Saturday evening) I’m feeling a bit better, but still not quite up-to-snuff enough to generate the post I was planning, so I’m entering Low Content Mode for today. Hopefully I’ll be back and functioning at full power for tomorrow.

Thankfully, so I have at least something on the site today, Pal Nat sent along this image based on the most recent Sluggo Saturday post, illustrating comic fandom’s everlasting dichotomy:

Okay, maybe not a dichotomy for everyone. I, for example, love both these comics. In fact, I’m hoping for a crossover. “I’m the gosh-darned Rena Titañon!”

Bully the Little Stuffed Bull also worked some of his hooved magic and whipped up this little number, plugging both me and Chris Sims in the process.

Thanks for checking in, folks, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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