And then there was that time Nightwing, Robin and Batman stripped off their shirts and said tough-guy things to each other.

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from Batman #533 (August 1996) by Doug Moench, Jim Aparo & Bill Sienkiewicz

13 Responses to “And then there was that time Nightwing, Robin and Batman stripped off their shirts and said tough-guy things to each other.”

  • Kurt Onstad says:

    Wow. None of those drawings look like what I think of those characters looking like…

    Also, “while I’m still a go, not a goner” is a horrible line. Read it out loud, it doesn’t make sense, because while the letters g and o are part of the word “goner,” the two words need to sound alike for it to work…

  • Gnubeutel says:

    He probably meant to say “beau”.

    And while Jim Aparo is the definitive Batman artist to me for all his 70s and 80s output and Bill Sienkiewicz was my favourite artist in the early 90s… their collaboration just didn’t work the way i wanted.

  • matches says:

    Yeah, Aparo and Sienkiewicz were (are) both amazing individually, but their styles didn’t mix at all.

    Moenchian Banter ™ was always a joy to behold.

  • Randal says:

    Hey, uh, Mike…I don’t know if you caught this, because it’s kind of subtle, but I think that putting this up there out of context like that might give people an impression of what was going on there that might not have been the original intent.

    I mean, don’t mean to step on your toes or anything, but I wasn’t sure if you realized that boner.

  • Bill Reed says:

    Aparo and Sienkiewicz? Whoa.

  • Andres says:

    The next panel shows Cassandra Cain wondering to herself why she didn’t join the Green Arrow family.

  • The Mutt says:

    Henh, henh… He said boner.

    Count me in on being unmoved by the art. An all-star team-up that just doesn’t gel. Can you show us some more?

  • Sarah says:

    Is Dorian guest-blogging today?

  • the Sniffer says:

    This is why parents want to keep thier kids away from comics. Do you blame them?

  • Discount Lad says:

    Was Doug Moench the manliest dialoguer in all of comics?

  • Dutch says:

    Call them Heroes damn it not exhibitionists.. LOOK AT MY RUBBER NIPPLES!!

  • Mikester says:

    Randal – Yes, I realize the obvious joke is the sexual one, but really, I posted it because I just love that dialogue.

    The Mutt – Not a bad idea. Check back later in the week.

  • Thwacko says:

    Yeah, some bad art by people who knew better.

    The Sal Buscema/Ernie Chan team up in Spectacular Spider-Man #15 was odd, but not bad.