Everyone loves Spunky!

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So anyway, that fourth-season episode of Batman: The Animated Series, “Old Wounds,” which explains the rift between Batman and Dick Grayson, the original Robin…the one that leads to Dick becoming Nightwing?

Barbara (Batgirl) Gordon doesn’t know the Dynamic Duo’s secret identities at this point, but asks Bruce what’s bothering Dick. Bruce decides to reveal his and Dick’s double-life to Barbara, and, only saying “follow me,” pushes open the grandfather clock to reveal the secret cave entrance and walk down the stairs, with Barbara quite a ways behind:

And this is an awfully long set-up just to note that as I was watching this scene, I briefly thought “Barbara probably thinks this path leads to Bruce and Dick’s sex dungeon” and that all kinds of horrible possibilities of just what caused the rift were crossing her mind.

That’s a horrible thing to think about a Batman cartoon, anyway. I’m not proud. But c’mon, if a rich gentleman and his college graduate ward have had a falling out, and you ask the rich gentleman what’s up, and his only response is to open a secret door to a staircase into a cave and tells you to follow him, what’re you gonna think? You’re going to think “this guy’s gonna end up wearing my skin,” that’s what.

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More redesign notes:

Got all my quotes from the old sidebar on the About Page, got all my links on the “Links” page, naturally enough, and my page of previous sidebar icon pics now looks like the rest of the site. Plus, I have my titlebar banner on that page in all its unobscured glory. Next step: pop-up and pop-under ads and loud autoplaying music. …It’s what the people want.

Speaking of the banner, I’ve had more than one person ask me who that was second from the left, there. Why, that’s Spunky the Monkey, of course! Here’s a story of his I posted a couple of years back. Please…enjoy some Spunky.

13 Responses to “Everyone loves Spunky!”

  • CD says:

    Your take on Barbara following Bruce speaks volumes about yourself. Ewww…

  • Phill says:

    An inquisitive lass like Babs might have already had some theories… theories involving pommel-horses, perhaps?

  • Phill says:

    Hey, my pic worked here too, as advertised! Yay!

  • Hooray! Now we can actually link to specific entries!

    There’s really no further comment that can be added to that scene.

  • Kid Nicky says:

    Mike,on my screen all the characters in your title banner are visible EXCEPT Swamp Thing. I don’t see him unless I scroll to the right. I wouldn’t say anything except I know what a huge ST fan you are,so you might want to switch him and Spunky in the lineup.

  • Roel says:

    Okay, that’s weird because on my screen, Swamp Thing is the only character visible. Huh.

  • andres says:

    Totally planned out by Batman. You see, he *knows* ‘sex dungeon’ is going to be Barbara’s first mental image. After that, crime fighting (or anything else) doesn’t seem so bad.

  • Wes Wescovich says:

    “Barbara! Put the lotion in the bucket!”

  • Randi says:

    Love the redesign (and the colors). Hating what my browser is doing to it.

    (Firefox on a Mac – so you’re talking about a wee slice of your audience)

    If you’re interested I’ll send you screens so you see how the images are bleeding into the right hand rail and/or the right hand rail is pushing into your text.

  • Mikester says:

    Randi – I’m using Firefox on a Mac, too, and the site’s working okay for me. Not sure why it wouldn’t for you, aside from maybe your screen’s resolution settings. Please feel free to send along screenshots.

  • Andres says:

    Hey Mike, I’m using FF on my Mac too (V3.6, resolution is 1280×800) and the site looks fine. So did FF on my PC at a much higher resolution. Might as well be anal retentive and check the other browsers: both Chrome and Safari look OK too.

  • J.W. Rollins says:

    Hey, I am also using FireFox on a Mac.

    The new site looks great!

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