Three things I just noticed and feel very stupid for having missed them.

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I happened to focus my attention on this cover the other day, because I thought it was kind of an unusual design choice to obscure the “5” in “25” in the banner, but then I realized the misspelling of “anniversary” was probably a larger problem.

For all the attention that’s been on this comic lately, I’ve barely glanced at the cover of Wonder Woman #600 aside from “oh, yeah, we need more Wonder Woman comics on the rack” or “yes, here is the new issue of Wonder Woman…yes, she’s wearing her new costume inside.” So, basically, I’ve been handling and selling this comic at the shop for a couple of weeks, and I just now realized that the lasso on the cover is in the shape of the number 600.

So, get this…Ms. Tree sounds like “mystery” — read this comic for years before finally saying the name out loud at the shop and realizing that. Okay, this realization actually happened years ago, but I still feel pretty dumb about it.

But I realized right away that the cover to Ms. Tree #21, pictured above, is one of the most awesome covers ever, so hopefully that balances out.

12 Responses to “Three things I just noticed and feel very stupid for having missed them.”

  • Roger Green says:

    I always loved that Ms. Tree pun.
    I often miss visuals such as the WW
    Is Hembeck in the Spidey book?

  • Old Bull Lee says:

    Took me a year or two to pick up that pun too. Probably because I wasn’t looking for puns among the gritty, ass-kicking awesomeness of the comic. Good stuff.

  • caleb says:

    Don’t feel too bad about the Ms. Tree thing…it took me a long time (like, decades) to notice that myself.

    And don’t feel too bad about the Spider-Ham thing either; I’m sure someone somewhere at Marvel feels much, much worse about not noticing than you.

  • Tim O'Neil says:

    Shame about the Spider-Ham book – it’s actually pretty good (at least, the first story is, the second feature has some iffy art). For those of us who’ve been awaiting a legitimate Spider-Ham revival all these years, it’s like manna from Heaven.

  • Trinity Moses says:

    That could have been the cover of ANY issue of MS. TREE. She was a detective who did very little detecting, but a lot of killing. Whenever I read one of her stories, I would always be reminded of a scene in SCTV’s Dirty Harry parody:

    Police chief (Joe Flaherty): “Harry, the Pope’s coming to town.”
    Harry Filth (John Candy): “You want me to off him?”

  • BoozerX says:

    Dont forget the awful face of WW in the cover ,she looks like an anorexic old woman.

  • Bob says:

    Have you figured out the name “Mr. E” yet?

    Someone needs to create a character named “Miss Terry” and then do a Ms. Tree / Mister E. / Miss Terry crossover.

  • bigmountain says:

    Does Wonder Woman do rodeo in her spare time? That is if “do” is the appropriate verb to be attached to rodeo. I rodeo, you rodeo, she rodeos…I digress.

  • Old Bull Lee says:

    Wonder Woman and the Amazons have their own hobbies in which ropes are used.

  • Scott Rowland says:

    @bigmountain: Yes, they do, at least back in the Marston/Peter days. With Kangas rather than horses, though.

    Ah, for the days when Wonder Woman had an actual series mythology that stories spun out of, rather than an obligatory “The Amazons have disappeared” plot. (Not that I was around during those days — thank god for reprints.)

    @Bob – I think someone did have a “Miss Terry” character back in the 50s.

  • DanielBT says:

    So… the problem with that 25th Anniversary cover is that Cerebus is wearing a Spider-suit?

  • Rock Ripsnort says:

    Even bigger than that “Anniversay” thing, they totally replaced the “Man” part of the name w/ “Ham”! Boy, I hope someone got fired for that! Where’s MY no-prize?