So anyway, as I was saying three and a half years ago….

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Maybe some of you folks out there with the lifetime subscription to Progressive Ruin remember when I put up this post, where I presented an ad for something called the “Evil-Eye Evader.” For a mere $6.66, you could own a lucky charm capable of protecting you from…well, the Evil-Eye, actually. If some jerk you knew was giving you the mystic whammy with his Evil Eye, this charm apparently allowed you to give that sorry son of a bitch what-for.

Anyway, after putting that post up, reader Reggie appeared in comments (near the bottom) explaining that he in fact had ordered the Evil-Eye Evader (and how it took him quite a while to finally get it from the guy who produced it). He popped up again later to let me know that he actually managed to retrieve the Evader from a friend he’d given it to, and that he was going to send me pictures. A comment was left there at the end of ’08 that he’d sent me the images, but apparently there was a small problem with the e-mail and the attached pictures did not appear. Clearly malevolent magical forces were preventing me from finding the truth.

Well, today is the day Reggie and I have overcome those powers that opposed us, my internet pals. Behold…the EVIL-EYE EVADER:

I like the spookiness of the next image. WOOOOO LOOK OUT EVIL-EYE USERS:

So much mystic might, packed into something barely larger than a quarter. Such is the power of science!

Anyway, by posting these Evil-Eye Evader images on my site, hopefully I’ve warded off any of you folks trying to put your Evil Eyes on me. Take that, you!

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