How Iron Man 2 could have been improved.

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(TONY STARK is at the congressional hearing, being grilled about the Iron Man suit by Senator Stern.)

STERN: “Mr. Stark, it is of utmost importance that the Iron Man suit be turned over to the military immediately.”

STARK: “Sorry, that’s not going to happen –”

(STARK is interrupted by a beeping from his super high-tech phone thingie.)

STARK: “Whoa, Ultimo is tearing up downtown. Gotta go. Hold that thought.”

(A couple of minutes later:)

(A few minutes later, back at the hearing.)

STARK: “Whew boy, that was somethin’. Okay, where were we?”

• • •

(NICK FURY and STARK are seated in the patio area, HOWARD STARK’s storage box between them.)

FURY: “Now, this box might be of interest to you. It belonged to your father, and inside….”

STARK: “Hey, hold on now…is that Blizzard out there over the ocean? Man, that guy really cheeses me off. I’ll be right back.”

FURY: “Stark, don’t you dare–!”

STARK: “Okay, that was taken care of. Sorry about that. …What were you saying?”

FURY: “Don’t you ever do that to me again.”

• • •

(STARK and JIM RHODES are in their respective armors, waiting for the arrival of Vanko and his drone army.)

STARK: “Oh, hey, Rhodey, just received a message that the Blood Brothers are back in town. Can you handle Vanko and pals while I take care of this?”

RHODEY: “Wait, what?”

(A couple of minutes later:)

(Cut to RHODEY fighting Vanko and the drones.)

RHODEY: “Hey, Tony? Where are you, buddy? Could use a hand here! …Hello?”

images from Iron Man #87 (June 1976) by Bill Mantlo, George Tuska & Vince Colletta; Iron Man #88 (July 1976) by Archie Goodwin, Tuska & Colletta; Iron Man #96 (March 1977) by Mantlo, Tuska & Jack Abel.

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