The big news from the San Diego Comic Con.

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So while attending the San Diego Comic Con, Employee Aaron, as seen here:

…asked for the hand in marriage of his girlfriend Kempo, as seen here:

…and she must not have heard the question, because she actually said “yes” and now she’s pretty much stuck having to marry the guy.

Seriously, though, congratulations to both of them…I’ve known Kempo since she was just a kid, and now here she is, marrying this Aaron fella. Tempus sure does fugit when you ain’t lookin’.

Here’s a nice photo of the both of them, taken during one of those rare occasions Aaron remembered which side of the razor goes against his face:

Okay, I pick on Aaron a lot, but he really is a nice guy — don’t tell him I said that! — and I do wish these two the best.

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In other news:

  • Yes, that really is Kempo in the Plastic Man get-up…that photo was taken a couple of San Diegos ago. She has quite the affinity for costume-making, and this year she went to the con dressed as Dex-Starr. Yes, the Red Lantern cat. Soon as I get a photo, I’ll run it here. If Kempo doesn’t kill me for running the Plastic Man pic first.
  • Isn’t this like the third time Smallville character Chloe Sullivan has been announced as entering the DC Universe proper? No idea what the hold-up was the previous times (probably no more than “didn’t have the right time and place to squeeze her in,” or maybe the show’s producers put the kibosh on it…really no clue), but it should be interesting to see how they alter/merge her Smallville backstory to fit into Superman’s comic book continuity (such as it is).
  • Holy cow, Fantagraphics will be publishing the complete Floyd Gottfredson Mickey Mouse comic strips. I don’t do a whole lot of Disney stuff on this site, I realize, because, oh, hello Disney lawyers, but I am a fan of the Gottfredson Mickey strips and can’t wait to see this book.

    Hopefully someday we’ll get a collection of those early Donald Duck strips, too, which Gladstone used to reprint in their early Donald Duck comics.

  • So the Infinity Gauntlet will be in the Thor movie. I’m still fanboy enough to think that’s neat. And as Augie De Blieck said on this Twitter thingie, that explains the recent hardcover release of the original Infinity Gauntlet mini-series.
  • I knew attending the Injury-to-Eye panel was a bad idea. Okay, it may turn out no one was actually “stabbed” as such, so there goes my jokes about how after all this time, a fan finally decided to literally “go stabby,” but according to the article someone was scratched near the eye with “a pen or an inflatable toy” or perhaps a puppy or maybe a Ford Fiesta, no one’s quite sure, it seems.
  • David Wolkin has been posting his “Internal Monologue Reviews” of the con, and they’re weirdly amusing and disturbing. Also, he dropped by our store to say hello on his way down to San Diego, and he is one handsome bastard.
  • Huh, new Rocketeer stories, by a bunch of name creators. This mini-series would come very close to doubling the amount of Rocketeer comics in existence, wouldn’t it? Anyway, it won’t be Dave Stevens, alas, but it sounds like it could be interesting.
  • Here’s an announcement I didn’t expect: John Byrne’s Next Men is coming back. As I recall, when Byrne ended the series in the mid 1990s, the plan was to revive it when the comic industry’s health improved to the point that it’d be economically feasible to return to the title. Well, I guess he got tired of waiting, because here we go. I am looking forward to this, as Next Men was an enjoyable comic, allowing Byrne’s Byrne-ness to be unfettered by corporate hoohar and goings-on.
  • Here’s a trio of Dark Horse Comics related news items: a movie trailer for The Goon (video autoplays, have to watch an ad), a new Witchfinder mini-series drawn by John freakin’ Severin, and Dark Horse Presents is coming back, with a new Concrete story in the first issue. These are all good things.
  • Scanning some of the online photo galleries of this year’s costumes…now, it’s kinda weird that someone dressed up their six or seven year old daughter as Hit-Girl from Kick Ass, right? It’s not just me thinkin’ that? Another thought I had seeing some of these costumes…they realize they’re going to have to be walking through huge crowds on hot days, right? Maybe a giant costume made of thick fabric and/or with pointy, stick-outy bits is not the best of ideas?

    Also, apparently the Slave Leias are multiplying. At this rate, by the year 2040 approximately 88% of Earth’s population will be Slave Leias. …I hope George Lucas is happy.

9 Responses to “The big news from the San Diego Comic Con.”

  • Roger Green says:

    poor Kempo, stuck w Aaron; congrats to them both

  • J.W.Rollins says:

    I love that Plastic Man costume.

  • Kid Chris says:

    Kempo Corneilius has a good ring to it. Sounds like a pulp hero mixed with an 80’s hip hop performer.

  • Andres says:

    We can still make fun of him if he’s a married man, right?
    My guess on Chloe would be that she would appear Smallville-continuity-free, or at least ‘lite’.

  • HydrogenGuy says:

    I did not know that Dex-Starr was a thing until I read this. Thank you, Mike.

    And congrats to Employee Aaron and Kempo!

  • philip says:

    That Plastic Man costume is a thing of true beauty. Well done. And congratulations to two people I don’t know from some guy they don’t know but whose been married for 12 years and loves it.

    Also, that Goon preview makes me giddy.

  • Dorian says:

    What’re the Vegas odds on those Micky Mouse strips seeing print before the Pogo collections Fantagraphics announced three years ago?

  • jon-el says:

    Well, crap. I never thought of Plastic Man as sexy until now. Thanks a lot.

    And as Philip said: also congrats to two people I don’t know from some other guy they don’t know.

  • Dr. Freex says:

    Hopefully you survived the Wrath of Kempo (though why she would be wrathful, I do not know – that is an excellent costume). Cute couple, I wish them the best.

    Now, should I be worried that I first thought that the Dex-Starr mentioned was the one-off superhero identity in Dexter’s Laboratory? Because a friend made a comment about The Thing a week or so ago, meaning the John Carpenter movie, and I thought he meant Ben Grimm. My pop culture knowledge is eating itself, and that’s worrisome.