A clever title for a post about fan-designed Robin costumes goes here.

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So anyway, I was looking through a copy of Batman #259 (Nov-Dec 1974) when I saw a special feature wherein readers submitted their own new costume ideas for Robin.

This one, frankly, isn’t too different from the standard model:

…but seems to be given just that little bit of extra…somethin’-somethin’ to push Robin over into “exotic dancer” territory. Perhaps this redesign should be kept in mind if the Batman burlesque stage show ever comes to pass.

Now this costume (by a noted fandom figure and author) is pure awesome:

Not so much for the costume, which is pretty much just giving Robin some limb coverage, but for this fantastic power ‘stache:

I am certain it is within Grant Morrison’s power to somehow squeeze this version of Robin into the forthcoming Batman, Inc. series. WE KNOW YOU CAN DO IT, GRANT.

11 Responses to “A clever title for a post about fan-designed Robin costumes goes here.”

  • CW says:

    Looking at Robin’s super-‘stache, I can’t help but to hear a funky ’70s-era porn soundtrack in the background …

  • ArghSims says:

    That first one looks like it was designed under the influence of Mike Grell Legion comics… Cosmic Robin to the rescue!

  • philip says:

    They are both very “International Male”.

  • Andrew Leal says:

    The first one could *almost* be a gritty Robin the Barbarian, kinda sorta maybe… then the torso ends and you get those legs. And shoes.

  • Flossin says:

    Does Robin shave his legs, btw?

  • Cory Landon says:

    I can’t decide if I’m feeling relief or surprise that we haven’t answered that leg shaving question.

  • C. Elam says:

    As a (requested) contributor to one, fan-designed costume features are the best. The Legion ones are always amazing in their sheer enthusiasm and sheer impracticality.

    (I jest, as some Legionnaires wound up wearing fan costumes.)

  • Tom Mason says:

    ‘Stache Robin must be from the time he quit Batman and tried out for one of the sidekick roles on Magnum P.I.

  • Jack Fear says:

    And that little Boy Wonder grew up to be… Paul Levitz.

  • ykw says:

    I was thinking “Dick Giordano”… even before I saw that second design. (Don’t ask.)

  • Ms. M says:

    The be-mustached Robin costume was designed by the same lady whose fan design actually became the 70s Light Lass costume (at least according to the Wikipedia link). That was actually kind of a decent look, especially compared to the low quality of most Legion fan-designed costumes.