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Nothing to sneeze at.

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So Pal Joe dropped this by the store for me on Thursday, a real oddity of a book…the Little Golden Book Little Lulu and Her Magic Tricks from 1954:

If you look closely, you may notice the table in front of Lulu and Alvin, with all th ecrafts and goings-on there, is actually three-dimensional. Because that’s not just a drawing, that’s an actual gosh-darn pack of Kleenex tissue paper embedded in a hole cut into the cover! Here’s a shot of the inside front cover:

(Yes, it’s upside down, that how it looks when you open up the cover.)

Here’s the small-print text into on the copyright page, which is like a place where you’d put something for parents to read, but it’s definitely written as an in-universe explanation for kids:

“For a long time Little Lulu was wondering how she would look in a Little Golden Book. Here, finally, she makes her bow — and of all things — as a magician.

“It was a a pleasant surprise to us to discover that Little Lulu knew how to make cute toys and other objects out of Kleenex tissues. It occurred to us that thousands of other children might want to make these, too, and so we asked the International Cellucotton Products Company how they would feel about making up for us a special pack of tissues for Little Lulu’s book. They cheerfully agreed and we are properly grateful to them.

“Have fun, and we hope the things you make turn out beautifully.


Children: never too young to learn about corporate collaboration. Also, what kind of Steve Jackson’s Illuminati-type name is “International Cellucotton Products Company,” anyway.

Most of the book is about Lulu and her magical tissue shenanigans, as per these pages:

And the last pages are devoted to Kleenex Krafts:

What’s really amazing to me is that book and its tissues and the tissue package’s attachment to the cover have remained intact for seventy years. That no kid ever popped the tissue back out and started making Kleenex bunnies or whatever. I mean, granted, after the first year or so of ownership, the likelihood of that happening goes down quite a bit as the book gets stowed away in a box in the garage for the next several decades, but still, it’s a sight to see.

But apparently not too uncommon a sight, as a quick glaces at he eBays shows plenty of intact copies of this book to be had, at far more reasonable prices than I expected. (And far less than the price expected by whichever anonymous bookseller had pencilled in a light “$75” on the first page at some point in this book’s lifetime.)

So, I don’t know what I’m going to do with this book. I feel oddly protective of its intact nature, despite there apparently being plenty out there in similar condition. But I can’t keep everything, so probably into my shop it goes, as some price I can live with. Plus a contract to be signed by the buyer promising he’ll never open up that pack of Kleenex.

And I’m sorry to say, magician costume and mustache are not included:

…but you’ve probably got enough tissue around the house to make those, right? There’s black non-Kleenex tissue out there, I looked it up. But beware, the International Cellucotton Products Company will find out.

I’ll pretty much put together a blog post about any stupid thing.

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So sometime between the release of Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #122 in 1969 and today:

…the previous owner of a copy of that very comic decided Jimmy Olsen needed a snazzier look more appropriate for the modern gentleman. And thus, with the gentle application of a ballpoint pen, Mr. Olsen went from snoozy:

…to groovy:

Sure, it’s a little on the bluish side, but in the Superman comics, whose hair isn’t? Well, aside from Lana’s. And Perry’s. And Lex’s. Well, young Lex.

By the way, have I mentioned I have a moustache category on my site? All the cool sites do.

NOTE: Moustachioed copy acquired in a collection on Thursday. Non-moustachioed copy from the Vast Mikester Comic Archives, and shown for comparison. I’m spelling this out because someone’s gonna ask why I drew on a copy of this comic for a blog post. Someone probably still will. I’ll bet that person won’t have a cool moustache.

I mean, just look at it.

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from The Return to the Planet of the Apes episode “Invasion of the Underdwellers” (1975)

A clever title for a post about fan-designed Robin costumes goes here.

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So anyway, I was looking through a copy of Batman #259 (Nov-Dec 1974) when I saw a special feature wherein readers submitted their own new costume ideas for Robin.

This one, frankly, isn’t too different from the standard model:

…but seems to be given just that little bit of extra…somethin’-somethin’ to push Robin over into “exotic dancer” territory. Perhaps this redesign should be kept in mind if the Batman burlesque stage show ever comes to pass.

Now this costume (by a noted fandom figure and author) is pure awesome:

Not so much for the costume, which is pretty much just giving Robin some limb coverage, but for this fantastic power ‘stache:

I am certain it is within Grant Morrison’s power to somehow squeeze this version of Robin into the forthcoming Batman, Inc. series. WE KNOW YOU CAN DO IT, GRANT.

Yes, this is really what I’m posting about today.

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For some reason, I found myself oddly amused and compelled by Chuck “Bouncing Boy” Taine’s moustache, first appearing late in Vol. 3 of Legion of Super-Heroes.

I was unsure about it at first, but ultimately I think it gives Chuck a little more character, just a touch more realism. It makes him look more like a plain ‘ol guy, you know…comfortable with himself and not at all imposed by all the perfect physiques in the skin-tight outfits runnin’ around him.

I was certain there was a shot of him using his bouncing powers with moustache, but I can’t find it at the moment. That’s okay, because I’m sure it can’t match how I’m picturing in my mind – a thin strip of hair, stretched across his surface like a furry equator.

Keep rockin’ that ‘stache, Chuck.

images from Legion of Super-Heroes #51 (Oct. 1988) & #54 (Winter 1988)
by Paul Levitz, Keith Giffen & Mike DeCarlo