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Well hello.

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Don’t ask me, that’s how it showed up in the collection I bought.

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No, it wasn’t me.

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So here’s something that turned up in a collection recently:

…an ink illustration on a magazine-sized backing board, signed “Michael” and dated 1995:

We’re trying to determine if “Michael” was a comics pro, or if this was a piece of amateur art, or even who the character is, if it’s anyone in particular. (It kind of feels like a ’90s post-Image Comics redesign of an established character, but who knows, really.) If any of you folks out there can help a pal out and give me any clues, I’d appreciate it. And if the answers turn out to be totally obvious…well, I’ve had a long week, cut me some slack.

Speaking of which, I should be back on track, more or less, after this recent break, so posting should be back to whatever passes for my schedule here nowadays.


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And then there was the time we found in a collection a yellowing comic bag containing Mr. Fantastic and Giant-Man figures cut out of some interior pages:

When you flip the bag over to the other side, suddenly you have crazy super-monsters straight out of Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol:

Why, that’s not nightmarish in the slightest.

So the question remains…

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…is our anonymous felt-tip pen commentator referring to Conan or Conan’s lady friend, or is s/he jumping to conclusions based on the admittedly-handsome hands of the green scaly crypt-deity? We may never know.

Conan the Barbarian #52 (July 1975) – art by John Buscema, Tom Palmer, and John Romita)

I suppose that’s one way to abbreviate “traffic light.”

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Discovered folded and tucked into a beat-up run of Watchmen that was recently dropped on us was this hand-drawn map of a certain location of import to the story:

Click that pic for a larger image.

I also feel like I’ve seen something like this before, like maybe in one of the Watchmen supplements for the DC Role Playing Game. It’s not in the backmatter of the Absolute Edition hardcover.

Man, it’s hard enough finding time to even put my comics into bags…

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…much less do this:

Though the temptation to scrawl “ROTWORLD” parts one through, oh, 100 on the bags of my issues of New 52 Swamp Thing and Animal Man is strong.

I too have a savage fighting ability and an incredible wit.

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Found in that blue X-Men box, this coloring book from 1994.


The only image in the entire book upon which
a coloring attempt was made.


That is one stern-looking (or poorly “referenced”) Kitty Pryde.


We are very disappointed in your sense of mutant duty, Strong Guy.


Goodbye, Tiny Wolverine…



Mint in box.

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We recently acquired a collection of X-Men comics
that were stored in this handpainted box:

It is ideal for storing your X-Men comics…

…or, you know, whatever.

Today’s post is dumb.

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“Oh, you have such good taste in comics! You certainly picked a top notch book to read! May I say again how much I admire your discerning eye for such excellent reading material?”

Um…I don’t think that’s what the “complimentary copy” stamp on your cover is supposed to mean.

“Okay, fine. Enjoy your lousy free funnybook, cheapskate.”

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