Mint in box.

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We recently acquired a collection of X-Men comics
that were stored in this handpainted box:

It is ideal for storing your X-Men comics…

…or, you know, whatever.

5 Responses to “Mint in box.”

  • Snark Shark says:

    that’s kind of neat!

    does it have the X logo on both sides? If not, you could put Swampys’ awesome logo on the other side!

  • swamp mark says:

    building that box is classic fandom behaviour! really makes me smile.
    and speaking of Swampy, he’s got a cameo in JLDark #23 as well as appearing in #25.
    still can’t locate the image of him on Pandora’s television array, though.

  • ExistentialMan says:

    I had a pal in the early 80’s whose father made wood long boxes like that (sans painted logos). The thing I remember most about this kid was that he created homemade clear plastic dividers out of Shrinky Dinks. He would meticulously trace the logo of each title, color it in, bake, and glue the shrunken plastic to the divider.

    I was so jealous.

  • That is actually a very cool thing and, like Swamp Mark, gave me a smile.

    The fact that someone took the time to make it (custom sized to fit bagged & boarded comics, and painted the logo on there… sometimes fan-nerdity is great.

    Reminds me of my very first “comic box”, which wasn’t a comic box at all (couldn’t afford one, lest i then be unable to plunk down shiny quarters on Man-Thing comics).
    I commandeered a cardboard box that had genuine, simulated wood-grain on the sides, then gesso’d the lid and drew the characters i loved onto the lid (first in pencil and then inked with Rapidograph pens and india ink – needless to say, the gesso made the drawing quite difficult).

    I was trying to homage the classic Michael Golden free (well, 25cent) mail-away poster “The Merry Marvel Marching Confusion”) of which i had then-recently acquired.

    The comics were ill-fit inside it (it was too large and there was no way to organize them to fit – either side-by-side or whatnot), but I loved it.
    I wish I still had that box – if just to put magazines (for which the size would have been better suited) and bask in the glow of my then-childhood nerdity.
    (As opposed to my adult full-blown nerdity, which is a thing of great shame and a source of hatred by torch-wielding villagers).

    BTW, Existential Man, those shrinky-dink logos sound totally awesome!
    (And reminds me that I need to print out logos for my boxes one of these days).


  • Uncle Dave says:

    Back in the 80’s I worked Comic Cons with a guy who had made his own long boxes for bringing to conventions he had about 15 of them. They were made out of masonite and 1 x 2’s and were so damn heavy when filled with books. He eventually made a few half-boxes and I still have one of them in my attic. It’s currently holding a complete run of the Atlas-Seaboard comics and mags with room left for a cardboard box spacer to keep everything tight and tidy.