I’ll pretty much put together a blog post about any stupid thing.

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So sometime between the release of Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #122 in 1969 and today:

…the previous owner of a copy of that very comic decided Jimmy Olsen needed a snazzier look more appropriate for the modern gentleman. And thus, with the gentle application of a ballpoint pen, Mr. Olsen went from snoozy:

…to groovy:

Sure, it’s a little on the bluish side, but in the Superman comics, whose hair isn’t? Well, aside from Lana’s. And Perry’s. And Lex’s. Well, young Lex.

By the way, have I mentioned I have a moustache category on my site? All the cool sites do.

NOTE: Moustachioed copy acquired in a collection on Thursday. Non-moustachioed copy from the Vast Mikester Comic Archives, and shown for comparison. I’m spelling this out because someone’s gonna ask why I drew on a copy of this comic for a blog post. Someone probably still will. I’ll bet that person won’t have a cool moustache.

13 Responses to “I’ll pretty much put together a blog post about any stupid thing.”

  • ExistentialMan says:

    That is one boss ‘stache.

  • philfromgermany says:

    Reminds me of that Ron Troupe (spelling ?) guy. I read this comic about 2 months ago.
    2 things to consider (1st one is a spoiler):
    1) Superman just is an incredibly boss awesome guy. The 4 other husbands of Ilona turn up and cause those mutations on Jimmy. So Superman just drops in on them gloating, adresses them all by name (!) and asks them politely and nicely to reverse the effects. They are all like “Sure, Superman. No problem.” I thought that was quite awesome, Supes having friends on a random technologically advanced planet.

    2) Lucy Lane, Jesus Christ. Worse than Lois…

  • Jack Fear says:

    Man, if you’re gonna do the big sideburns and the Fu Manchu ‘tache, why even bother to shave (or, more accurately, not color in) that little strip of jawline? Just go full-on friendly muttonchops on that bad boy!


  • philip says:

    I’ll pretty much put together a blog post about any stupid thing.

    Which is exactly why I keep coming back here.

  • Old Bull Lee says:

    +1 Philip.

  • Will Pfeifer says:

    This has nothing to do with the (admittedly great) groovy makeover, but I remember when I was a young kid seeing a tiny reproduction of that cover in some ad in a Superman comic and being terrified by the image where Jimmy is a “freak.” Hell, it’s still pretty creepy.

  • Dylan says:

    Oh man, I scored a decent stack of Superman comics where the previous owner had drawn a beard (and back-of-hand hair) on Superman. I wonde rif it’s the same kid. You can check them out here: http://bigredrobot.tumblr.com/tagged/beardedsuperman

  • MrJM says:

    Why did you draw on a copy of this comic for a blog post?

    — MrJM

  • i approve of the mustache tag. Mucho approval!

  • Mikester says:

    Aaron – You just reminded me of your ridiculous moustache. You’re fired.

  • Casey says:

    Is a moustache the one thing Jimmy’s never had? I mean I’m pretty sure he had a vagina two or three times.

  • That Elsie image seems really offensive.

    I mean the other girls caused him freakiness and ended up messing with how he looked, but all Elsie did was try to give him some good good loving.

    So instead of “Superman is a dick” is it now “Jimmy Olsen is super dick”?

    (I actually can’t recall the stories inside any of these Olsen books, so I don’t know if I’m accurate or not, just basing the reaction on the cover)

    Oh wait, I have to say something about mustaches. Maybe if Jimmy had a cool mustache he’d never had any women problems, or he’d have even more women problems..

  • Nate says:

    Someone just wanted what we all did, a Jimmy Olson disguise kit