Lex Luthor anticipates the specialty podcast…

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…or at least satellite radio:

That’s some devoted gang. Do you think they broadcast 24/7, or did they wrap up their broadcast day at midnight, and started up again at 6 or 7 in the morning? Did the gang write up the stories themselves, or just read ’em direct from the newspapers? Did they have a wacky “morning zoo” pair of radio personalities discussing today’s top crime stories along with sound effects and…well, I was going to say “call-ins from listeners,” but if it’s just Luthor, then, well, you know. But then again, maybe Luthor did call in…he’d never get a busy signal, and the call screener would always know who it was.

Anyway, probably still more listenable than most radio programming.

from Action Comics #295 (Dec 1962) by Leo Dorfman & Jim Mooney, as reprinted in Super DC Giant #24 (May-June 1971)

One Response to “Lex Luthor anticipates the specialty podcast…”

  • tgilliom says:

    All your questions will be answered in an upcoming limited series. Or better yet, how about a reality TV show?