“Suddenly, nine years later….”

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Funny, it only feels like I’ve been doing this for no more than about, oh, say, twenty or thirty years. But here I am, still plugging along with my slow decline into irrelevance, and here you are (presumably), still putting up with it. Thank you folks for sticking around and reading and commenting and just generally tolerating this sort of behavior. I really do appreciate it.

Thanks also, as always, to my girlfriend Nora, to my parents, to pal Dorian, to my fellow comics bloggers and Bureau Chiefs, and of course to Comics Blogger #1 Neilalien — all of whom are probably secretly plotting an intervention to break me of this blogging habit.

Speaking of which, this was the year I finally, finally stopped updating the site every single day. It took a combination of multiple computer failures (at home and at work) and my immense frustration with same, to drive me away from the internettings for a brief period in time in mid-April. I’m sorry for any concern that may have caused at the time, but I literally could not look at a computer for a few days. But, that did break me of the daily update addiction, and like I’ve said once or twice since then, the reduced schedule has increased my enjoyment of the site, and hopefully yours as well.

And what did I do with my free time? Why, started up a pog website, of course, thanks to a mid-August arrival of a storage unit’s worth of pog store stock. I’m still planning to stop that site in February or March, so enjoy it while you can, pals!

In the last year, I’ve popped up on a couple of other sites: I was interviewed about life in comics retailing here, and I sullied Bob’s fine comics blog by deliberately goading people with this bit of hoohar. If you want me to make a cameo appearance on your site…well, don’t let those two examples scare you off. Particularly if it’s a paying job!

I’m also still hanging out on the Twitter, where, over the past year, I’ve made deep and insightful observations on the comics industry such as these:

Seriously, that last one…I hear that story about once every week or so. “Thanks for your hours of labor, Bill…here’s a box full of comics that smell like cat pee.” “MY FORTUNE IS MADE!”

Anyway, aside from all that, I occasionally posted on this site right here, and here are a few highlights, or lowlights, from the past twelve months:


Kicked off year 9 with a look at a naughty Milo Manara card game, the lovely gams of Zatanna and Green Lantern, I will never be cool enough to wear this Fonz shirt, superhero skeletons – the latest fad, I really do completely unironically love Spanner’s Galaxy, the Brat Finks 1 and 2, the infamous Swamp Thing Holiday Hiatus: 1 2 3 4 5 6


…and 7, Richie Rich has got money and looks, yes I actually did scan an all-black panel for this post, always time for a Gil Kane splash page, the greatest Gelatinous Cube drawing of all time, trying to find time to reread comics and the follow-up post, behold the infinite sadness of non-white Joker, GRENDEL ‘n’ MAGE TALK: 1 2 3, I thought more people would be amused by this Joker thing, at long last here are the lost Swamp Thing pages.


The greatest Watchmen prequel that never was, it had been so long since I’d done a gaming post that I created a new “gaming” tag without realized I already had one, surely marketing this mask was just asking for trouble, the publishing implications for the Watchmen prequels, hey I finally sold this thing on the eBay just last week, Sgt. Fury teams up with…Dracula!?!?! — how can this be, I am far happier about this Valentine’s Day post than I have any reason to be, I’m never going to top this animated graphic so I might as well just shut it all down then and there, it’s the Champ, I really intended to do more of these, the introduction of…THEN, KOREA and some follow-ups: 1 2.

MARCH 2012:

We think that’s Tom Jones, seriously this was really creepy in the cartoon, CLARK KENT VERSUS ART, FRED FLINTSTONE VERSUS THE FUTURE, they didn’t really think out the full horrible potential of the Phantom Zone, the manifest destiny of Little Lotta, one more THEN KOREA post, no idea what I’m going to do for my 44th birthday, Krypto thinking “look at those eats!” is truly the best thing from the Silver Age, I’m expecting the restraining order from Mr. Snyder any day now, holy crap IT’S SLUGGIUS, there’s probably a series of jokes about what Peanuts character created what Internet-related thingies, Enndo obeys no man while also probably having too many Ns in his name.

APRIL 2012:

The Sluggo/Swamp Thing mash-up you’ve been waiting for (or dreading), pal Casie whips out an awesome green drawing, the Great Progressive Ruin Hiatus begins in this post, I check in here, I ‘splain what’s goin’ on here, the second Ghost Rider movie was really something else, why do people like comic books, more butt, Mike vs. CGC, Mike vs. misogynist jerks, college finally pays off, boy that Man-Thing sure is big, if only I had a way of describing it.

MAY 2012:

I don’t get enough credit for creating the term “panelogical onanist,” Free Comic Book Day 2012 – The Hideous Aftermath, the greatest shirt I’ve seen this year, nobody had anything to tell me about these insanely rare mini-books, I’m wearing my Commtech Chips right now, here’s the good X-Men Versus The Avengers comic, ADAM 12 VERSUS SATAN, I swear I get multiple “Avengers sucked” Google referrals every day since I posted this, the moustache of Jimmy Olsen.

JUNE 2012:

This comic ended up going to the home of the biggest Gil Kane fan I know, and in conclusion these Before Watchmen books are solid mid-rangers at our shop, it was only a matter of time before a Snooki cameo on my site, aside from the shitty writing and the nonexistent editing this book wasn’t all that bad, I am getting serious inquiries via Google as to whether or not the sticker’s presence affects the book’s value, my favorite Swamp Thing panels, “fast as hell,” I never get tired of these kid-drawn monsters, yes Suckmaster Burstingfoam, I see your regular comments on this post (and I swear they make me laugh every time), you have no idea how long I tried to find a good panel with Shipwreck.

JULY 2012:

I’ve heard from a lot of people who’ve had this book and want it again, boy it’s a good thing variant covers are a thing of the past, Alan Scott – the Swamp Thing connection, yes okay fine everything you own is worth millions, CHARLIE BROWN VS. RUSSIA, that is one dreamy Swamp Thing, oh that Richie Rich, MIRACLECOSTELLO, the rare Swamp Thing / Archie crossover, I never thought I’d see a Swamp Thing kid’s book, but here we go.

AUGUST 2012:

Ghost Rider Butt! — er, I mean, buttons, the beginning of the end: THE POGMAN COMETH, turtle power, Squinky Thing, the most terrifying announcement made on my site in its nine years of life (and in response, my single most favorite comment a reader has ever made), the explanation for said announcement, I beat the rush on the Heckblazer joke, some vintage X-Men criticism, this is one groovy cover.


The Todd McFarlane Action Figure (and the follow-up), Doctor Who Meets The Omen, the Time Bandits comic is a lost classic, I take a peek at Swamp Thing #0, I get all weepy-eyed over an old Archie Annual, Popeye Versus Bull, those 1980s revisionist Popeye comics were darned peculiar, I miss the Jupiter comic, I missed Doop.


I ask you folks what creators are without-question must-buys (and the follow-up), that’s a lotta Swamp Thing artists’ signatures on that cover, my look at the Dark Knight Returns cartoon of course brings in Swamp Thing, I managed to sell some Jungle Annuals because of this post, in which I talked my girlfriend into smuggling me some comics from Mexico, POPEYE NO, people sure seemed to take a liking to my Lovecraft/Fantastic Four pastiche, yet another brief discussion of media impact on comic sales, I’ve held this comic in my hands and I still don’t believe it’s real, all those years of Sluggo Saturdays has brought us to this,


Debbie Preston sounds like a happenin’ gal, I go way too in-depth on Swamp Thing continuity stuff — sorry about that: 1 2 3 4, now that I’ve started watching the first season of American Horror Story this panel takes on a whole new meaning, that is one groovy ad, it’s a lot funnier when you hear me doing this in person I swear (I hope),


Have I mentioned that I love Golden Age Sub-Mariner, because I love Golden Age Sub-Mariner, more Swamp Things from foreign and exotic lands.

Plus, don’t forget civilization ended all year long. And sometimes there were Saturdays…maybe with Sluggo, maybe not.

Again, my sincerest gratitude to all of you for reading my site. I comment every year about how I’m surprised anyone aside from a few friends even care about anything I have to say here, so I am very grateful for your readership.

And for reading all of that, you get this lovely portrait of me, as drawn (I believe) by Former Employee Jeff:

Yes, Swamp “Thong.” Let’s not dwell on that. Also, my arms are marginally longer than pictured. Otherwise, that’s almost like looking at a photo.

Now, on to Year Ten!

25 Responses to ““Suddenly, nine years later….””

  • Tom Cherry says:

    Happy Anniverary!!!

  • I believe I posted a longer version of this last year. I sing this at every possible occasion.

  • skyintheairwaves says:

    Thanks for all you do form down here in Oz.

    After plowing through Marvel Comics the Untold Story, I’m very happy to be reminded regularly of the good people still involved in the comics world…

    Yer a gem.

  • Roger Green says:

    When I started blogging 7.5 years ago, you were one of the first people I followed. So I am YOUR FAULT!

  • Andrew Weiss says:

    Congrats, Mike.

    You have been a shining example and cautionary figure for us all.

  • Really enjoy your posts. Happy anniversary!

  • Snark Shark says:

    “. “Thanks for your hours of labor, Bill…here’s a box full of comics that smell like cat pee.” “MY FORTUNE IS MADE!””


  • JRC says:

    thanks for the hours of enjoyment.
    Your writing is fun, interesting, and when you decide it is called for, even insightful.

  • googum says:

    How did I wile away the hours at work before getting things like “Swamp Thong” stuck in my head? Looking forward to nine more years!

  • De says:

    I never regret checking in on this site each day. Happy anniversary, Mike.

  • Jack says:

    Cograts on the anniversary! It’s been such a long,weird year for me that I had somehow managed to totally forget “THEN…KOREA!” which was one of the funnier running jokes I found on the internet this year. Ah well. Here’s to the next year of Swamp Thing, pogs, and THEN…KOREA!

  • TedBelmont says:

    “Yes, Swamp “Thong.” Let’s not dwell on that.”

    Though I tried not to, I could not help but dwell. Oh, how I wish I had not dwelled.

  • Casie says:

    You’re amazing!
    Happy anniversary, Mike.

  • philip says:

    Thank you for your years of labor, Mike.

  • swamp mark says:

    I hope that with all this admiration your head isn’t getting as big as “Swamp Think”!
    Nevertheless,add my name to the list,Mike.Thank You and tell Miss Nora we appreciate her sharing you with us.

  • Casey says:

    Bitter Andrew’s comment. And also, I swear I feel like you just did the last “Suddenly..” post, like, yesterday.
    Time flies and all that. Still my favorite blog, you’re a totally unique and lovely person Mike. To another year.

  • Jeff says:

    Let us all dwell on that for awhile.

  • John Parker says:

    Nine years is a loong time. I’ve been following for 5 or 6 years and am still not bored. Congratulations. Expecting something BIG for the 10th anniversary next year.

  • ExistentialMan says:

    I’m now closer to 50 than 40 and while I possess a vivid, almost eidetic memory of my teen years, frustratingly, I can’t seem to remember many significant details of my life for the past decade-and-a-half.

    Except certain Progressive Ruin posts. Those, I recall with sharp, exquisite clarity.

    Pretty certain my last memory before I put on my pine overcoat will be an End of Civilization post.

    Could be much worse. Happy Anniversary.

  • C. Elam says:

    The thing that amazes me most is that I’ve been reading for at least seven (maybe eight?) of those years. Where has the time gone?

    Congrats Mike! You’re awesome, and an inspiration to me. (oh yeah, I went there.)

  • Nate says:

    I don’t say it enough, but thanks for all the hard work, and for the consistently entertaining read!

  • Andrew Leal says:

    “THEN… MALAYSIA!” (You know, for a change of pace).

    Happy anniversary, you sterling wordsmith you.

  • danjack says:

    Happy anniversary! i love coming & reading one of the most entertaining things in the interwebs.

  • Bear says:

    Nuts, I always miss your bloggerversary!

    Anyway, Happy Anniversary, Mike!

  • Looking forward to many more years! Happy Anniversary! (would have been here sooner, but had computer trouble:()