You go ahead and read your Avengers Vs. The X-Men

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…and I’ll read my 1993 trade paperback of X-Men Versus The Avengers:

I kind of miss the days when Marvel would put spangly foil logos on their trade paperbacks. (Of course, this ain’t a patch on those all-foil covers Marvel put on their Age of Apocalypse trades.)

ALSO: haven’t looked at panel one of any of these new Avengers Vs. The X-Men comics or tie-ins, but I feel pretty safe in saying there probably isn’t anything in them as cool as that battle between Ursa Major and Doctor Druid from the older series:

I’m sure there are only another, oh, three or four dozen more comics to go in this current Avengers/X-Men hoohar…hopefully there’ll be room to revisit this classic rivalry.

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  • Dave-El says:

    “Avenger? What is he talking about?” Man, Doctor Druid gets NO respect. (Not sayin’ he deserves any….). And why is Marvel not publishing a Man-Bear series? (AKA Ursa Major, Man-Bear possesses the awesome powers of large size, extrene furriness and plot exposition.)

  • Nik says:

    And yet these 4 panels are probably more entertaining than the entire new series, if the last few Marvel ‘events’ are anything to judge by (freely admitting I haven’t read ’em yet though, so maybe I’m the Dr. Druid here)

  • Mikester says:

    Dave-El: I should explain that Doctor Druid is only making himself visible to Ursa Major in this sequence…Storm can’t see him.

  • Tom Cherry says:

    I rather like the idea Storm can’t believe they let Druid become an Avenger. It certainly makes more sense!

  • Pietro says:

    In panel 1, the awesome early-Silvestri anatomy, in which a leg is bigger than the rest of the body ^__^
    And there I go sticking a leg in MY mouth… I’m usually annoyed by the anatomy specialists snarky remarks, but this one was too good to let go. Love Marc and love this story.

  • Bill D. says:

    I was pretty skeptical about AvX, and have been staying away from event books in general for a while now, but good word of mouth made me curious and I have to admit that so far it’s been pretty good. Fun, even. Too many tie-ins, of course, but I’m only reading the main title (okay, and the Vs book, too, because I like to see creative punching) and am following along just fine and truthfully getting all the story I need out of it.

    If enjoying a book where we finally get to see Captain America smack Gambit full-on in the face with his shield is wrong, then I don’t wanna be right.

  • If Doctor Druid shows up in a bunch of books between now and the end of the year, and in each one says out loud “Such is the power of Doctor Druid” – I would be ok with that.

  • WorldbreakerGrimm says:

    The “AvX: Versus” books have certainly been more entertaining than the main book, albiet ONE sequence that has Wolverine wearing a polar bear carcass while following a trail of beer cans. It’s rather surreal, and made me smile…

    But yeah, that Cap vs Gambit fight is GREAT. “You’ve got my undivided attention, son”. >:)

  • Casey says:

    I feel like the character of Doctor Druid has the potential to be something awesome, potential that will never be realized. Though having him fight Ursa Major was a bit of a softball.

    And Mike… X-Men Versus The Avengers, but no Martin Milner versus the Devil?

  • Chance says:

    I thought the Dr Druid invisibility/illusion thing was entirely obvious. And explained by Dr Druid himself, to boot (“You saw what I wished you to see”). No explanation necessary.

  • Bryan says:

    Geez, I haven’t read this mini series since it came out in 1987 (?) yet my mind is filling up with stuff from it: The Avengers descending upon a Kmart, Ursa Major having to resort to human in the middle of the fight with She-Hulk, the cover drawing of Magneto putting his helmet on, the entire creative team changing for no explained reason on the final issue. I sorta miss that feeling of just picking up a comic book and just having it exist on it’s own terms.

  • Matt Jeske says:

    When are we getting the explanation of ‘Satan’ in that Adam 12 comic?

  • Michael says:

    Re Bryan’s comment: yeah I found the final issue in this mini a complete change in direction and tone. It was almost like a standalone story.
    I really enjoyed the first three issues though. Always wanted to see Black Knight’s sword against Wolverine’s claws.

  • Mikester says:

    Matt J. – Oh, probably. (Like, maybe Saturday or Sunday.)

  • Dave-El says:

    After awhile, “Such is the power of Doctor Druid” began to lose it’s appeal.

    Vision: “Doctor Druid, you successfully removed that …mustard stain….from my yellow cape.”
    Dr. Druid: “Such is the power of Doctor Druid.”
    Vision: “Well, thanks for doing….that.”

    Hawkeye: “Hey, Doc, you made sandwiches.”
    Dr. Druid: “Such is the power of Doctor Druid.”
    Hawkeye: “Hmm! Baloney with mustard, my favorite.”
    Dr. Druid: “Such is the power of Doctor Druid.”
    Hawkeye: “Thanks, Doc!”

    (occurs when Hawkeye was hearing impaired)

    Capt. America: “Doctor, could you hand me the TV remote?”
    Dr. Druid: “Such is the power of Doctor Druid.”
    Capt. America: “Just hand me the god damn remote!”
    Black Widow: “Cap! Such language!”
    Capt. America: “Well, he gets on my nerves!”
    Dr. Druid: “Such is the power of Doctor Druid.”
    Capt. America: “HE DID IT AGAIN!”
    Hawkeye: “Are they any more sandwiches?”

    Wasp: “Did someone fart?”
    Dr. Druid: (says nothing)
    Wasp: “Aren’t you going to say ‘Such is the power of Doctor Druid’?”
    Dr. Druid: (says nothing)
    Vision: “I believe the human expression is, whoever smelt it delt it.”
    Wasp: “Oh, NOW you choose to be funny!”
    Vision: “Sorry.”
    Wasp: “I know it was Druid; he was eating a whole can of pinto beans earlier.”
    Dr. Druid: “Such is the power of Doctor Druid.”
    Wasp: “ARRGH!”
    Capt. America: “OK, two things I’ll kill: Nazis and THIS GUY!”
    Jarvis: “Why are we out of pinto beans?”

    Black Widow (in the shower): “I can’t believe Doctor Druid is an Avenger!”
    Wasp (also in the shower): “I know! Such a creep! He can turn in invisible, you know.”
    Black Widow: “Really?”
    Dr. Druid: “Such is the power of Doctor Druid.”
    Black Widow & Wasp: “EEEEEEK!”
    Capt. America: “OK, Druid, that’s it, I’m…”
    Jarvis: “What a mess! And guess who’ll have to clean..”
    Black Widow: “JARVIS!”
    Vision: “What is the cause of all this calamity?”
    Dr. Druid: “Such is the power of Doctor Druid.”
    Black Widow, Wasp, Capt. America, Jarvis, Vision: “GET HIM!”
    Hawkeye: “Hello, ladies!”

    OK, I hope you enjoyed this little comedy skit. (Yes, continuity was severely bent out of shape for comedic effect.)

    Join us next time when we hear Doctor Druid say:

    “Such is the power of Doctor Druid.”

    Yeah, kind of thought that.

  • Andrew says:

    Mike, with the Avengers movie being such a mega-hit, has there been any effect on comic book sales?

  • Randal says:

    *stands up in wild applause and starts throwing five dollar bills at Dave-El*

  • adam says:

    What I remember about this series is how freaked out Rogue got by Captain Marvel. Seriously? She could break Marvel in two, but she acted like Marvel was Freddie Kreuger. Stupid story, crappy Silver Age-esque art. Considering the premise, it deserved MUCH better.

    It wasn’t even bad in a good way.

  • ant says:

    WOWWW that guy in the cape has one SMALL head in that first panel!