Also, he should sparkle.

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So the other night I was just goofing around (i.e. “annoying all my followers”) on the Twitter, when I wrote this:

Now Max responded with

…which is fair enough, and Mermaniac added

…and, yeah, of course.

But it was Stephen who brought it all together with this, probably never coming soon from Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures:

“Hey. Hey, uh, Arcane. What you’re doing. That’s not cool. And stuff.”

“AAAAH! Damn you, Holland! I am defeated by your smouldering sexiness!”

Er, yeah. Anyway, thanks to Stephen for sending this pic my way. You can see more of his work, and other fun goodies, over at his Tumblr.

4 Responses to “Also, he should sparkle.”

  • MrJM says:

    Well, I guess I’m gonna have some twisted dreams tonight…

    — MrJM

  • Kadin says:

    Isn’ that what the Floronic Man actually looks like though?

  • Halek says:

    Well, Swampy did look pretty hunky after Abby (Heather Locklear) ate his tuber in The Return of Swamp Thing.

    OK, the movie is junk. But damned if I didn’t like the comic book opening credits and the referencing throughout the movie of various Moore-era scenes (half-assed though they were). And despite the script, Dick Durock always brought a lot of dignity to the role.

  • ExistentialMan says:

    To paraphrase The Goon in his most recent tpb:

    “Sparkly Swamp Thing! Are you %$#@ing kidding me?”