Still adorable.

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So the other day I was reminded of Marvel’s 1981 comics adaptation of Terry Gilliam’s Time Bandits, and what an overlooked gem it is. I mean, the adaptation is by Steve Parkhouse, just-prior-to-V for Vendetta David Lloyd, and John Stokes, so it’s certainly a quality production. It’s a very solid and thorough retelling of the movie, and in fact I had and reread this comic for a good year or three before ever actually seeing the film.

Anyway, I’m not going to oversell it…just if you’re a fan of the film, or would enjoy a crazy 48-page no-ads funnybook featuring some swell cartooning, you can (and should!) probably find a copy of this on the cheap. And I’m pretty sure we still have a few of these layin’ around.

I was noting on the Twitter about how I’d like to see this as a deluxe hardcover, with recolored art on nice white pages, but I think the ol’ floppy newsprint format is a sizable part of the charm.

Also, David Warner plays a major role in Time Bandits, and I think you all know how I feel about David Warner.

2 Responses to “Still adorable.”

  • Casey says:

    How many of those do you still have?! The life of John Paul, I mean. I don’t like Time Bandits.

    Also, I don’t remember you announcing your Cracked article. I discovered it by accident a couple of years ago, and was quite surprised.

  • Mikester says:

    I’m not sure…that was more than we would ever really need, ever, so I stored them away, and…um, don’t remember where I put them. Hoo boy.

    Yeah, I mentioned that Cracked article on my site once or twice, which got me a few inquiries from other online magazines for articles that never went anywhere. Also, the Cracked thing had been rewritten a bit by editorial, presumably, since I didn’t have enough swear words in my original draft, I guess.