Special thanks…

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…to pal Brian for going to that Cincinnati comic convention where there was a mini-reunion of Swamp Thing artists, and getting this comic signed them and sending it my way:

That would be Steve Bissette, John Totleben, Rick Veitch, and Tom Yeates. Awesome. Thanks, Brian!

Here is some video from the Swamp Thing reunion panel at that con.

4 Responses to “Special thanks…”

  • Jonathan Miller says:

    Still one of my best back issue buys: at a comic shop in Northampton, MA, I grabbed a copy of an issue of Swamp Thing (one of the drowned vampire American Gothic issues). Brought it home, opened it up and was annoyed to see writing below the splash page. Until I realized it said (in 3 different handwritings) “Alan Moore,” “SR Bissette” and “John Totleben.”

    I think I paid around $1 for it.

  • swamp mark says:

    Very cool story,Mr. Miller.
    Very good pal you have there,Mike.
    Very much I would have done to be in Cinci for that reunion,so thanx for the video.
    Very much looking forward to the follow-up to your Swampy #0 review post that you teased a couple weeks ago,Mike.

  • Rich Handley says:

    Very cool. This is when Swamp Thing comics were still great.

  • Thanks for posting that video link, Mike…I might never have seen it if you hadn’t.

    It was a ton of fun watching those guys, who have done so much comics work that I’ve loved, sitting around recalling those years. Wish I could have gone up there to have seen it in person.