There’s nothing more mod than deely-bobbers.

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It’s been a while since I’ve dipped into the Gold Key “Reader’s Page Monsters” well, but I’ll occasionally run across those pages, and they’re always fantastic. …A while back, after one of my previous postings, I had someone opine on another site that these drawings obviously weren’t actual submissions from children, since the line thickness on the drawings was more-or-less uniform and thus the monsters looked like they all came from the same hand. I suspect the answer to this is simple: that all the submitted drawings had to be traced or redrawn for the sake of reproduction. I’m sure many of the images arrived as light pencil drawings on lined paper, or crayon on construction paper, despite the instructions to readers to “draw in black ink on white paper.” And even if they did follow instructions, that probably didn’t mean the pictures were ready for reproduction straight out of the envelope.

Or maybe these were all drawn by some Gold Key intern or bored staffer and I’m fulla crap. It’s totally possible.

Anyway, I promised monsters, so here they are:

Yes, the big yellow critter with green and red spots and an overly elaborate tail doesn’t want to attract attention. Got it.

So his vision makes things…radioactive, I guess? This monster is more dangerous than one might think at first glance. Though admittedly, having legs like stretched-out Slinkies would possibly impair his mobility, so perhaps the danger is minimized.

I am willing to believe that being hypnotized by mod colors was a widespread problem in the 1960s.

Reminds me a bit of Superman’s greatest nemesis, the Iron Eater (as seen here). Also, the Moon Goons apparently don’t believe in crop replacement, given the notable lack of “moon plants” on our satellite. …Then again, they never say it’s our moon. Maybe these guys are over on Endor terrorizing Ewoks. …It’s fun to imagine things, isn’t it, kids?

images from Ripley’s Believe It or Not! #14 (June 1969)

4 Responses to “There’s nothing more mod than deely-bobbers.”

  • MOON GOON is the cutest thing…

    but is it that he has only three legs with two tentacle/tusks?

    Or are they 5 legs?

    Or, perhaps that’s not “dinosaur-like” ridges going down his back to a “tail”, but instead radioactive fire (caused by Pipsqueek) on his back and consuming one leg (giving him an even amount)?

    Noting how his lower legs are placed on his head/body unit, it doesn’t seem like he is “looking” up, but instead exists in that state – forever looking skyward and needing to drop food items into an open mouth.

    Darn you, Mike Sterling for filling my head with this stuff!
    Darn you to heck!

    Still… he IS adorable!
    (Moon Goon… although, I’m sure Mikester is as well. I leave that for whoever looks upon his cartoon-rendered form 43 years into the future to decide.)

  • Casie says:

    I love everything about this.

  • Nat Gertler says:

    I think that the important part about the Moon Goon is not that he eats moon plants. The important part is that he ROCKS! They should’ve put that part first.

  • Bill S. says:

    I love it each and every time you do this. I wish I could read comics about the Moon Goon and the Peepsqueak.