No joke…

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…this is one fabulous image:

So Daniel Butler, artist of Copernicus Jones, has been drawing personalized Twitter icons for folks, and, well, you can see what I asked for…and baby, I sure got it. If you want Mr. Butler to create an icon just for you, then hie yourself hither to this site for details and samples!

In other news…I don’t really have an April Fool’s Day post this year, which is only the second AFD I’ve missed, so hey, you know, my record’s still pretty good. Besides, will I ever top this? No sir, I will not.

However, I did add a new category for my previous April Fool’s posts, so you can go enjoy my past glories, back when this website was good. And the 2005 posts may not make sense out of context without seeing this, a screenshot of when pal Dorian and I switched our website templates for the day. …Of course, neither of our sites now look like they did then, so consider the word “context” at its lowest value, if you would.

Also, the joke here is that I included two fake items. …I wonder if anyone out there is still going store to store looking for them?

4 Responses to “No joke…”

  • Roel says:

    Wow. That is a gorgeous twitter icon! Excellent work, Daniel Butler!

  • Marko says:

    Got to agree, after seven or eight months I still hate the news Superman costume. The red pants at least broke up the look the blue onesie. I blame Chris Nolan. The change in the comic is dictated by the look in next year’s movie. I predict that if the film tanks, the red short pants will make a comeback.

  • ostrakos says:

    Speaking of Swamp Thing, I went to see an exhibit at the Mint Museum here in Charlotte featuring this wondrous beauty:
    and thought of you.

  • swamp mark says:

    I also think of you,Mike,whenever I see one of Swampy’s discarded bodies.Seriously,where can I get one of those suits?Very cool!
    And Mike,how cute is Slugg Thing’s nose tucked up under the hood?Just adorable!Too bad the smaller icon loses so much detail,though.