Swamp Thing Saturday #1.

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from Archie Double Digest #229 (2012) – special thanks to Mike Nielsen

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  • swamp mark says:

    That’s one Swamp Thing (kind-of) appearance that I won’t be buying.
    Ah,who am I kidding.I’m sick.I need help!
    Thanx for the heads-up,Mike.

  • Dave-El says:

    This is a bit off from the usual Archie model. Was this drawn by Joe Staton?

  • Patrick Joseph says:

    Dave- looks like his work to me.

  • pell says:

    The credits for that story say Stan Goldberg.

    Could he have had a studio guy ghosting for him?

  • C. Elam says:

    I dunno, it looks like Stan G.’s style to me. I think it might be inker Ken Selig’s touch that is throwing people off. I remember Stan doing some issues of Captain Carrot in the 1980s and this more or less matches up.

  • C. Elam says:

    …I feel like I should clarify I’m not criticizing Ken Selig’s work, but pointing out it may not be what people are expecting from the Archie “house style.”

  • Mike Nielsen says:

    The digest itself credits Stan Goldberg and Ken Selig for the artwork.

    And the minute I saw it I knew I had to let Mike Sterling know that in the Archie Universe another Swamp Thing movie was on the way.

  • Tom Cherry says:

    Despite Veronica buying him buckets and buckets of popcorn, Jughead is still depressed.

  • MrJM says:

    “Cover everything”?

    Is that what the kids are calling it now?

    — MrJM

  • Snark Shark says:

    Archie’s face looks TERRIBLE.

    too many fights with Reggie, I suppose.

  • Nice! We should make a sock puppet version of the movie mike! we will be famous! all over youtube even! $$$$$

  • Goldberg’s people have been getting increasingly amorphous over the last decade (though he’s been a working cartoonist for OVER SIXTY YEARS, and Selig’s been at it nearly as long, so a slight erosion of skills is perhaps unavoidable), and Archie digest originals are pretty small (if the Samm Schwartz gag page I own is typical), so that’s going to aggravate the situation. Is that Bob Lappan lettering?