Click on the Creepy Things links for the cutest giant fuzzy spider ever.

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So we go a year or three without having any copies of the Tarzan’s Jungle Annuals in the shop, and then, suddenly, we have about a half-dozen copies turn up in a couple of different collections within days of each other.

There are some comics I see all the time…I’ve mentioned how often early Spawns show up in piles of books people are trying to offload on us (why, just yesterday I turned down a bunch of those Spawns, most of which were in lousy condition anyway). And not just Spawn…pretty much the same variety of overprinted ’80s and ’90s comics turn up on such a regular basis that I can almost turn down offered collections just at a glance. I never actually do that, because perhaps hidden among the foil-embossed Avengers and the hologram-cover Web of Spider-Mans and the Turok Dinosaur Hunters might be, you know, a comic or two I might actually have use for. In fact, in that collection with the Spawns, nearly all the other comics were in heavily-worn, unsellable condition, and the ones that weren’t were comics for which we had excess stock already…but I found a nice copy of the deluxe Robin #1, which isn’t the most expensive comic in the world, but they do sell and I can use ’em.

But, yeah, like I said, I do see a lot of the same comics turn up, but those ’80s and ’90s comics I expect to see, since most of them are as common as really common things. However, it’s not often that we get duplications on 60-year-old Tarzan comics…particularly extra-sized, squarebound Jungle Annuals that are prone to spine-splitting and losing pages and otherwise going to pieces through mishandling over the decades. I thought that was neat enough to be worth noting.

Also, a few weeks back we picked up a copy of Creepy Things #6 (Charlton Comics, 1976) in a collection, followed by a copy of the 1977 Modern Comics reprint of that same issue in another collection a day or two later. Is it COINCIDENCE, or something more…MYSTERI — no, it’s coincidence.

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