“Allied with a vampire?! It’s a…funny war!”

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While issues #77, #78 and #79 of Marvel Comics Presents contain chapters from Barry Windsor-Smith’s “Weapon X” serial, which is the primary reason anyone 1) bought those comics, and 2) remembers them now, I would suggest that you not overlook the three part Sgt. Fury / Dracula team-up titled “Rumanian Rumble” that runs in those same issues:

Yes, Sgt. Fury, the Howling Commandos, and Dracula, teaming up to fight Nazis. …I don’t consider that a spoiler, I consider that incentive.

So my recommendation to you: dig these comics out of your long boxes, or go buy ’em as back issues, and read this story. And if the clerk at the shop says “oh, hey, this Windsor-Smith Wolverine story is awesome,” you look him straight in the eye and you tell him “Brother, you don’t know from awesome.”

Also, there’s a back cover on #79 by Mike Mignola, and here’s the relevant portion of it:

Mostly, I’m just posting that to get Mignola Fan #1 Former Employee Aaron to buy it. But you should buy it, too. I mean, c’mon:


images from Marvel Comics Presents #78 & #79 (1991) by Doug Murray, Tom Lyle & Joe Rubinstein – back cover detail from #79 by Mike Mignola

12 Responses to ““Allied with a vampire?! It’s a…funny war!””

  • ex employee aaron says:

    Put one aside for me mike!

  • Mag says:

    After reading this, I promptly went over to the Marvel digital comics site to see if these were available on-line. Much to my surprise, they were. Much to my disappointment, Marvel only published the nine pages of Wolverine story from each issue. No Rumanian Rumble!


  • Lawrence Fechtenberger says:

    That is unambiguously John Carradine on the Mignola cover.

  • I was always disappointed that Universal during WWII never did a “Dracula, Wolfman, Frankenstein fight Nazis” movie. I mean they made movies of Sherlock Holmes fighting Nazis, for Heaven’s sake!

  • Also, can someone explain the “Doesn’t he look familiar to you” joke/gag/reference? Am I missing something or is he just familiar b/c they watch monster movies?

  • Mikester says:

    Capt. Spaulding – The gag is that they recognize Dracula from all the Dracula movies they’ve seen. …So in the Marvel Universe, monster movies are lightly-fictionalized documentaries.

  • Just doing some math in my head brought me to realize that the combined value of MCP 77-79 should allow you to pay at least a whole THIRD of your monthly internet bill.

  • Jaq says:

    Oh yeah, I remember buying MCP for Weapon X and being unexpectedly delighted by the thought of Sgt. Fury and the Howling Commandos teaming up with Dracula. It was pretty awesome, and I honestly can’t believe they didn’t think of it sooner. Damn, to the attic to dig these out!

  • Plastic Soul says:

    Just how long WAS World War II in 616? With the number of adventures Fury had, I almost expect to find out Cap was frozen at the end of the war in 1973.

  • Arynne says:

    So Count Dracula is an ancestor of Tony Stark?

    …actually, that explains a lot.

  • Kevin Tam says:

    Hey I just read BPRD: 1946 today, so Mignola was the FIRST think I thought about when I read the first paragraph!

    “Brother, you don’t KNOW from awesome.” Haha! Someday I would like to say that to my local shop.

  • Frowny says:

    Thanks for jarring loose a memory from when I was 11. That was the one with the cover where Wolverine was wearing the silly helmet and looking at the reader on the cover, right?