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You know those one-page prose stories that would sometimes pop up in old comic books?

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I almost read one of them because of this accompanying image:


from Popeye #41 (July-Sept 1957)

In case you were wondering where “Shlumping it to you since 1969” came from.

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So we got this pretty nice copy of Bunny #19 (September 1971) at the shop the other day, featuring this swell cover full of awful gags:

I couldn’t fit a readable scan on this page, so click the above pic to get a larger image, if you can handle people saying things like “art-of-sight!” “Sigh,” indeed.

Still, nice cover.

Just a little housekeeping.

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So, remember those British Dungeons & Dragons ‘zines I posted about a few days ago? I threw them on the eBay, and most of them brought in $10 to $15 apiece, with a couple in the $30 range. But that Dragon Lords #1, with the signatures?

I started that at $8.99, by the way. Figured I’d get about ten or twelve bucks for it. …Guess I’d better break into that additional case of Dragon Lords #1 I have in the back room…!

Now, about that housekeeping promised in the subject of this post…I’ve had a few scans just sitting on my computer’s desktop, awaiting my use here, and I’m never seeming to get around to creating posts about each of them. Thus, I’m just going to throw them all into this post. Enjoy!

We had this copy of Choice Comics #2 from 1942 in our shop for all of, oh, I don’t know, five minutes before selling it off, but I managed to get a couple of scans from it anyway. I enjoyed Bingo the Kangaroo’s dismissive response to superheroes on the cover there:

I mean, we were this close to Kangaroo/Parrot Buddy Comedy-Adventure being the dominant genre in the comics industry. If only things went slightly differently…if only.

I also got a scan of this tough guy:

This is pretty much what every angry ‘n’ anonymous commenter on every Internet message board and comments section looks like, so don’t mess with ’em.

Marvel recently released a bunch of “Avengers Art Appreciation” incentive variant covers for many of their titles, which featured the characters from the movie as depicted in a variety of art styles, and regardless of whether the comic sporting said variant had anything to do with The Avengers. But I thought this one by Steffi Schutzee in the style of Al Hirschfeld was nicely done:

They all look great, but Hawkeye is particularly amazing:

And finally…cast your minds back to the innocent, carefree days of 1975, where Six-Year-Old Mike sat in front of the TV in the living room, enthralled by the giant bird-monster featured in this episode of Return of the Planet of the Apes:

“Mom! Mom! Look at this!” Mike shouted to his mother, but alas, she didn’t come to the room in time to see the bird-monster cart away these…buffalo-things:

So, Dad, if you’re reading my site at home right now, be sure to call Mom over and show these to her, so she can see what she missed nearly four decades ago.

Oh, and this has nothing to do with anything, but I mentioned on the Twitter that I was reading this amazing article about the even-more amazing history of TV’s ALF, and pal Ian…remember pal Ian, he wrote some comics, I hear…he replied to me with a link to a YouTube video of the ALF cartoon’s theme. I’d never heard that before, and it ain’t half-bad. Thanks for exposing me to that, Ian…I take back most of the bad things I’ve said about you!

I don’t know if that’s a frown or a robot moustache.

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“Hey, Enndo, can you get me a Diet Coke out of the fridge?”

“Hey, Enndo, can you go wiggle the handle so the toilet will stop running?”

“Hey, Enndo, can you obey NoMan?”

“…Yeah, that’s what I thought.”

images from Superheroes #1 (January 1967);
NoMan The Invisible T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agent cover from the Grand Comics Database

Or, you know, just a thought…you could take off the bracelet.

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from Teen-In #3 (Summer 1969)

I can’t stop looking at that back cover.

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I would totally hang with that dude.


front and back cover of Treasure Chest Vol. 17 #1 (September 1961)

Here’s a light post to make up for all those text-heavy posts of late.

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If there’s a better sci-fi phrase than “set blasters to flesh,” I don’t know what it is.

from Star Lord #1 (May 1978) by T.B. Grover and Carlos Ezquerra

And now, Progressive Ruin presents more fashion tips for the ladies….

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…courtesy Young Love #122 (November 1976):

Giant sewing props on loan from 1950s Batman comics, presumably.

Let’s class up the joint with some poetry.

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from Tip Top Comics #211 (Nov-Jan 1958)

We now pause for this brief musical interlude.

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from Showcase #82 (May 1969) by Denny O’Neil, Jerry Grandenetti & Dick Giordano

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