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Maybe someday Tarot Witch of the Black Rose will do one of these covers.

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So this was pointed out on the Twitters and lo, I did search low and high to find my own copy and now, here it is:

It is one of those Retailer Exclusive variant covers (not offered through Diamond) for Archie Vs. Predator II #1, Pretty neat, right? There’s also a “virgin” variant without the logos and text, but I passed since the mimicking of the original House of Secrets down to the trade dress is half the fun.

Anyway, only 300 of these made (plus another 300 for the virgin variants) so grab it while you can if you want it.

Another House of Secrets #92 tribute is coming later this month from Vault Comics, with Cover B of their new series The Plot:

So, look, I’m not only buying assorted reprints of House of Secrets #92, now I’m collecting comics that look like it. This seems perfectly rational to me.

And now, Betty talking with Veronica about their favorite song by The Coasters.

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Okay, The Coasters spell “Yakety” differently, don’t email back.

from Betty #23 (March 1995) by Mike Pellowski, Doug Crane and Mark Brewer

“He’ll GRILL up your body and eat it as hamb — no wait”

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from Archie #131 (September 1962)

And now, a picture of Jughead skating, for all of your Jughead skating picture needs.

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from Laugh #106 (January 1960)

And now, Jughead catching what I can only hope and pray are hot dogs and hamburger patties.

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from Jughead #224 (January 1974)

And now, Archie dressed as pretty much every dude who’s ever appeared on “The Voice.”

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from Archie #299 (December 1980) – art by Dan DeCarlo

Today’s Progressive Ruin will be performed by the following:

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Having a little back trouble at the moment, so less writin’, more scannin’, such as the above from Reggie and Me #56 (July 1972). Was going to just post that, since there’s a lot to unpack here (I mean, that’s at least two poop jokes in Betty’s entry) but I couldn’t leave you without showing you The Ringoe Kid in all his glory:

Oh my goodness gracious.

Ask and I shall receive.

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Reader Steve from Palm Springs saw the subject line to yesterday’s post featuring his image, and realized that there was a need that had to be filled:

That we live in a world with sights such as these.

Looking forward to reading “Arcane and Me.”

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Courtesy reader Steve from Palm Springs, who went above and beyond the call of duty to produce this for my benefit, and now for your benefit too:

Gaze upon it and weep, for you have never before witnessed such beauty.

Thanks, Steve! Now if only it were a real comic….

“Say, what kind of noise do you loud musical pigs make?”

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image from Laugh #293 (August 1975)

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