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Keeping it short today.

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1. So it would appear to be that the mystery caricature on the cover of Spoof #3 is apparently Tom Jones, based on some of the images I’ve been sent, and the fact that the editor of the book, Roy Thomas, seems to think it’s him, too. Close enough for horseshoes, my friends.

And anyway, we ended up selling that copy of Spoof on Saturday. The mystery was exchanged for about seven bucks.

2. Lost a couple of big names from the comics/sci-fi world just recently: Golden Age great Sheldon Moldoff, and the man who gave Star Wars its look, artist Ralph McQuarrie. My condolences to their families and friends.

3. Pal Dave gives you the latest installment of This Used to Be The Future…funnybook sci-fi, 1960s-style!

4. Pals Dorian and Ken unleash another installment of In A World, their monthly review of the newest movie trailers. This is one of my favorite things. Also [SPOILER] The Lorax appears to be an unholy abomination.

That really is one of my favorite Superman covers.

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We’ve lost some fine comics folks recently…Batman artist (and man credited with creating the Joker) Jerry Robinson, Captain America cocreator Joe Simon, and fine comic book and comic strip artist Eduardo Barreto. There’s a lot more to those folks than my too-brief intros above, so I suggest reading the linked articles. Or Google around.

In particular, whenever I think of Barreto, I immediately associate him with two things. One, I remember him as the guy who took over from Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez on Atari Force (and did a swell job, by the way); and two, I remember him as the artist, both covers and interiors, for this two-part Kryptonite Man story:

To this day, that Superman issue remains one of my favorite examples of a real attention-grabbing comic book cover.

So long, Jerry, Joe, and Ed…my condolences to their family, friends, and their fans.

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In entirely unrelated news, I’ve been informed that there may again be a glitch in the RSS feed for this site, and new posts may not turn up as “new” in the feeds. If you’re not seeing new posts from me in your readers, unsubscribe then resubscribe and see if that fixes things. I’ll test things from my end over the next day or three and see what I can determine.

…If you’re not having problems getting new posts from my site in your feed, please disregard everything I just said. If you don’t read my site, you stink. So there.

Gene Colan (1926 – 2011).

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So long, Gene.


from Sea Devils #13 (September-October 1963)

Dwayne McDuffie (1962-2011).

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Dwayne McDuffie, comics and animation writer/editor, and cofounder of Milestone Media, passed away earlier this week. While I’ve enjoyed many of his works – in particular, Milestone’s Hardware and Icon, as well as his work for DC Comics’ animation unit (including the screenplay adaptation of All Star Superman, just released this week) – I think his multiple Damage Control mini-series, about the folks who clean up after superhero battles, may be my favorite.

He was a strong and unique voice in the comics industry, and he was taken from us too soon. My condolences to his family, his friends…and to all of us.

Pals Kevin and Chris have more insightful things to say about the man…especially make sure to check out Chris’s article, which includes a particularly-pointed series pitch written by McDuffie. And Dr. Polite Scott links back to his coverage of McDuffie’s Canadian anti-drug comics.

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A beloved figure from science fiction television has also passed away this week: Nicolas Courtney, whose portrayal of the Brigadier on Doctor Who has spanned decades, has died at the age of 81. My best wishes to his family, friends, and fans.

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Just two reminders to appreciate people while they’re still around for you to do so.

Whenever I think of Alex Toth, I think of this drawing.

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This is from Superman Annual #9 (1983), written by Elliot S! Maggin and inked by Terry Austin…but that image is just pure Toth, with dynamic action that drives the eye across the page. The whole book is like this, with Toth’s style taking what would have been a reasonably entertaining Superman/Batman team-up and turning it into something special and beautiful and funny and genuinely exciting, all at once.

It’s this comic I think of whenever I see certain superhero comics on the stands today, all splash pages and static poses, with pin-ups instead of plot progression…I see these comics and I can’t help but think “Boy, these people really should take some lessons from Alex Toth…that guy could move a story along!”

Here’s the definitive collection of Toth links, in memory of his passing. Go see what we’ve lost.

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