Kim Thompson.

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As I’m sure you know, Fantagraphics mainstay Kim Thompson has passed away at the far too young age of 56. I was a fan of Thompson’s work on The Comics Journal and Amazing Heroes, and of course have enjoyed many comics that he helped along the path of publication. Tom Spurgeon gathered together lists of some Thompson-related publications from fans here, and gives a more general overview of his contributions to the comics world here.

A few comics from the archives that have Thompson credited as editor:

Critters was Thompson’s funny animal anthology, containing a high-quality selection of material throughout its run. This issue, near the end of its run, was a follow-up to Mike Kazaleh’s sci-fi comedy Adventures of Captain Jack, catching up with a couple of cast members after the end of that series in a decidedly down-to-earth non sci-fi story. I see in one of the above links that Spurgeon mentioned Thompson’s dismay that Kazaleh didn’t have more exposure in the industry…well, I found Kazaleh thanks to Fantagraphics, and I’ve been a fan since. Once, at a local convention, Kazaleh was a guest, sketching Ninja Turtle after Ninja Turtle for kids, since that’s what he was working on at the time. I asked for a Captain Jack drawing, and he was so happy he almost insisted I take it for free!

I’ve spoken about Eye of Mongombo before…a bizarrely hilarious adventure book in the style of Carl Barks’ duck books, kinda sorta. Still not complete, but still completely great. Thompson is listed as editor, and if he was responsible for getting this published under the Fantagraphics banner…oh, man, thank you.

I miss seeing the occasional J.R. Williams comic from Fantagraphics, but I’m grateful for the ones we got.

I honestly don’t have a lot to add that hasn’t already been said more thoroughly and more eloquently by others about the passing of Kim Thompson. All I know is that his name was on a lot of comics and magazines I enjoyed, and I’m thankful for his efforts in bringing them to us.

So long, Kim.

6 Responses to “Kim Thompson.”

  • stavner says:

    That Captain Jack comic made me want to write comics.

  • G23 says:

    Add Kim’s decision to publish “Angry Youth Comix” by Johnny Ryan as one of his highlights. For me, anyway.

  • Snark Shark says:

    aw! I hadn’t heard.

    “Amazing Heroes”


    especially towards the end of it’s run, ironically enough.

  • Chance says:

    Not to take anything away from your memories or your fine tribute, Mike, but ever since Charles Schulz’ passing and then the outpouring of tributes in the comics pages, I’ve always thought we did these things the wrong way around. Pay tribute to the living, while they can still appreciate it. Sorry if I sound like a curmudgeon. I just wish they’d printed that industry-wide tribute while Sparky could see it.

  • Jim Kosmicki says:

    Eye of Mongombo was awesome. they need to reprint what was at least published, even if they can’t finish it. This is what digital comics should really be used for – putting out long tail stuff like that which might not have that initial demand, but can sell enough over the long run to justify the expense.

    and I’ve long thought that Fantagraphics needs to stop being embarrassed about “Amazing Heroes” and put out some reprints of their best material from that magazine. Unless it’s because they only purchased first time publication rights, then the authors need to get some of that material out there again!!

  • mary jo says:

    I still remember, years ago, reading an issue of Captain Jack and seeing Kazelah writing about Detroit’s cass corridor and the Big Book Store-thinly disguised, of course. The book store’s manager was nicely caricatured in the story: it was rather nice to see something I knew about in real life in a comic.