Alan Moore only wished the transitions in his comics were this awesome.

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From Bat Lash #3 (Feb-Mar 1969), written by Sergio Aragones and Denny O’Neil, and drawn by Nick Cardy. I once saw a review of this comic that described the above panels as a terrible scene transition, but that person was wrong. Oh so wrong.

Mr. Cardy passed away last night. He drew some beautiful comics, including a whole lotta Teen Titans, and one of my favorite completely bonkers World’s Finest covers.

So long, Mr. Cardy. You did wonderful work, and hopefully people will continue to discover it for years to come.

2 Responses to “Alan Moore only wished the transitions in his comics were this awesome.”

  • Josh says:

    Sad news for this Monday morning. The comics industry was very lucky to have had the fine illustrations of Mr. Cardy as his art was a refined technique that elevated any story. It’s the kind of artwork that can be overlooked by a younger generation, but they would be missing out on some beautiful and fun comics.

  • Walaka says:

    I can still remember reading those panels for the very first time, not long after they were originally published, and marveling at them then. Thanks for sharing. Nick Cardy, RIP, and thanks for creating.