Phil Austin (1941 – 2015).

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So long, Phil.

images from The Three Faces of Al CD by the Firesign Theatre (1984) and The Firesign Theatre’s Big Mystery Joke Book (1974)

3 Responses to “Phil Austin (1941 – 2015).”

  • ArghSjms says:

    Goo Goo GA choob, sir.

  • Evan Waters says:

    One of the greats.

  • “You may sit here in the waiting room, or wait here in the sitting room.”

    “I thought there was something fishy about the butler. Probably a Pisces, working for scale”

    Damn, I listened to that bit so much as a kid, I’ll probably be babbling it out loud when I’m a drooling old man,

    RIP Mr. Austin