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“Hi Father.”


“Listen, son…you were out all night. Where were ya?”




“That’s cool. Listen, do you want to smoke a doobie with your old man?”


“No thanks, Dad. It’s 10:15 in the morning!”


“Your loss.”


“I’ll split it with my lawyer!”



Source. Also, happy birthday to blogging brother pal Andrew, who is hip and cool despite not yet being 45.


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Happy birthday also to pal Andrew, whose impending decrepitude is just slightly farther away than my own.


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Happy birthday to my blogging birthday brother Andrew, and a slightly belated birthday to Caleb who, I discovered in the midst of putting this post together, did a similar thing for his own birthday. I wasn’t copying him, honest! Also, thanks to the Grand Comics Database, which I totally abused for this thing.

Another sign of age is saying “I can dig it.”

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So it is once again Black Friday, that one big sales day of the year where the giant retailers sell, oh, I don’t know, 75-inch LED flat screens for a dollar and a trashcan full of Blu-rays for 50 cents (one flat screen and one bucket per customer, please) and little Mom ‘n’ Pop ‘n’ Nerd stores like our own watch tumbleweeds bounce down the empty streets while everyone is at Best*Mart or Walfry’s or wherever, waiting for that time late in December when people have finally devoured everything at the malls and their search patterns spiral out in the forbidden countries, where live stores that only exist in that one spot and not franchised across this great land of ours.

Er, okay, it’s not as bad as all that. We have a big sale all weekend, and our sales usually do pretty well, so I’m not too worried about that. But it does seem the focus is on giving money to the big guys, while the little guys gotta wait their turn, and…you know, I can dig it. In this economy, you’ve got to grab the deals where you can and stretch your dollars as best you’re able, so I completely understand. However, don’t forget your pals in the outlands away from the malls and the big-box stores…we’ve got some deals too, maybe, so after you get your two X-Station 180s for the price of one, drop by the shop and buy a graphic novel…for BIG BIG SAVINGS.

Also, come by and see my head full of totally naturally brown and not dyed at all hair turn grey again. That’ll probably be fun.

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Speaking of my accelerating decline into decrepitude: I’ve been processing a pretty sizable amount of underground comix at the shop over the last few days…a collection that included several issues of Vaughn Bodé’s Junkwaffel. And every time I see issues of Vaughn Bodé’s Junkwaffel I think the exact same thing: “hmmm, I need to buy these for my own collection.” Which, of course, I did when I looked at the copies in this particular assortment I was working on.

Well, going through a box in the Vast Mikester Comic Archive, what did I find?

A run of recent printings of Junkwaffel issues 1 through 4, so I already have them. BONUS: I talked about them on this very site back in ’04. …Well, like they say, memory’s the second thing to go, right after breakdancing skills.

However, I am reasonably certain I don’t have the magazine-sized fifth issue, which is also in this collection, so perhaps I’ll be getting a copy of Junkwaffel out of this after all.

(CUT TO two weeks later:

“Oh, man, I already have six of these!”

throws Junkwaffel #5 into the extras box)


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from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy #3 (1993) by Douglas Adams
adapted by John Carnell & Steve Leialoha

Sluggo Saturday #45, Birthday #41.

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from The Best of Ernie Bushmiller’s Nancy (1988) – thanks to pal Andres


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Today I am 39 years old.

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Here’s the official site for the International Jack Benny Fan Club.

The Museum of Broadcast Communications’ biography and filmography of Benny.

An overview, with stills, of “The Mouse That Jack Built” – an animated take-off on The Jack Benny Show.

A 1941 Time Magazine article about Benny’s tenth anniversary in radio.

Jack Benny’s theme song – warning: autoplays.

The Radio Hall of Fame page for Benny, including an embedded audio sample of Jack at work.

Did The Jack Benny Show ever jump the shark? Bite your tongue, sir!

An appreciation of Benny’s Sherlock Holmes parody, including the full radio show where it appeared.

A video clip of Benny’s duet with Gisele MacKenzie.

Benny and Johnny Carson receiving the key to the city of Anaheim.

So, whom do you like better? Jack Benny, or his longtime “rival” Fred Allen?

Jack Benny and Groucho Marx:

Jack Benny’s Hollywood – locations about town related to Benny (including his grave and the street where he lived).

In case his grave wasn’t clue enough, here’s a page where you can check if Mr. Benny is alive or dead. “Zombie” not an option.

Jack Benny Middle School and the Jack Benny Center for the Arts, both located in Benny’s hometown of Waukegan, IL.

It’s true: Jack Benny arranged for a rose to be sent to his wife Mary every day for the rest of her life after he passed on.

A radio commercial for Kodak featuring Benny and his old foil, Frank Nelson (the “yyyyyyesssss?” guy).

Stills and animated gifs from Benny’s western film Buck Benny Rides Again.

Another pic: Jack Benny with President Truman.

Turner Classic Movies’ article about Benny’s much-maligned (at least by Benny and his radio show cast) film, The Horn Blows at Midnight.

Archives of Benny’s radio and TV programs.

A forum discussion of Mr. Benny’s numerous 39th birthdays.

Happy birthday also to blogging buddy Andrew!

One year closer to death.

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from Archie’s Pals ‘n’ Gals #10 (Fall ’59)

Yeah, it’s my birthday again…they just keep comin’, one every year. Though I feel like I’ve aged about a year just in the last week…arguing with folks on the internet will do that to you. Internet arguments are like trying to sweep the desert – you don’t get anywhere, and it just makes you tired.

So I’m taking the day off today, but not before posting a couple things:

  • Happy birthday to my birthday brother Andrew at Armagideon Time. He was also born on March 13th, but three years later than me. Why, he’s practically just a baby! (EDIT: In his birthday post, Andrew dedicates to me a late addition to pal Dorian’s Meme That Wouldn’t Die. Yes, it has Swamp Thing in it.)
  • Thanks to Johanna for letting me know about this article on alternative minimum tax with an entirely random Swamp Thing reference:

    “Dispatching the alternative minimum tax is like trying to kill the Swamp Thing, a Hollywood horror beast of the 1970s that kept resurfacing no matter how many times you tried to get rid of it.”

    Oh, okay, su…wha-huh?

  • And just because it’s my birthday: here, have another Myspace Swamp Thing:

    “About me:

    “What’s up people? I’m a crime fighting vegetable in the swamps of Louisiana! When I’m not slapping some evil mad scientist like a little b*tch; I’m mackin’ wid da Cajun hos. You ever wanna go slummin’ with me, holla. Oh, and I’m Jewish; so shalom biotch!

    “Who I’d like to meet:

    “I’d like to meet a woman that knows how to treat a plant right. You know, a woman that doesn’t mind fetching a little miracle-gro for me from time to time. I’m not saying I’m high maintenance, this brother just needs a little sunshine and fertilizer now and then. And I’m packin’ a twelve inch cucumber so if she was tall that would be good too. She also has to like swimming and can’t be afraid of alligators and snakes and sh*t.”

    I can’t help but think that this sounds slightly different from the Swamp Thing I’d been reading about all these years.

    He’s also a member of the adults-only Myspace group “gEt reaDy fOr a naSty tiMe,” which, again, seems a tad out of character for ol’ Swampy.

See you all tomorrow!

Richie Rich Billions #14 (January ’77)


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March 13, 1781 – Sir William Herschel discovers Uranus – grade school comedians are forever in his debt.

March 13, 1911 – Noted fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard born.

March 13, 1916 – Krazy Kat, Bugologist animated short (based on the George Herriman comic strip) released.

March 13, 1921 – Mad Magazine cartoonist Al Jaffee is born.

March 13, 1930 – Bunny Yeager, photographer of Bettie Page, born.

March 13, 1939 – Neil Sedaka born.

March 13, 1942(?) – Charo born! Cuchi-cuchi!

March 13, 1950 – William H. Macy, star of Mystery Men, is born.

March 13, 1964 – Kitty Genovese’s murder is witnessed by several people, none of whom attempted to help her or call the police. Alan Moore would use this incident in Watchmen…an article reprinting all the related panels may be found here (though it notes the date as the 14th, which contradicts most other sources).

March 13, 1969 – Mike Sterling is born. The world trembles in fear.

March 13, 1969 – Amazing Spider-Man #73 is released to newsstands (see here for details).

March 13, 1983 – Evil Dead star Bruce Campbell marries Christine Deveau.

March 13, 1988 – Assumed birthdate of Irma Lair, from Walt Disney’s W.I.T.C.H.

March 13, 1992 – Shakes the Clown, Bobcat Goldthwait’s finest cinematic achievement, released in the U.S.

March 13, 1992 – This fellow from Mike Kazaleh’s Har Har #2 celebrates his birthday in funnybook form.

March 13, 1997 – The “Phoenix Lights” are witnessed over Phoenix, Arizona.

March 13, 1999 – Lee Falk, creator of The Phantom, dies.

March 13, 2006 – Mike Sterling celebrates his 37th birthday. The world trembles in pity.

* It’s my party and I’ll pi if I want to.

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