One year closer to death.

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from Archie’s Pals ‘n’ Gals #10 (Fall ’59)

Yeah, it’s my birthday again…they just keep comin’, one every year. Though I feel like I’ve aged about a year just in the last week…arguing with folks on the internet will do that to you. Internet arguments are like trying to sweep the desert – you don’t get anywhere, and it just makes you tired.

So I’m taking the day off today, but not before posting a couple things:

  • Happy birthday to my birthday brother Andrew at Armagideon Time. He was also born on March 13th, but three years later than me. Why, he’s practically just a baby! (EDIT: In his birthday post, Andrew dedicates to me a late addition to pal Dorian’s Meme That Wouldn’t Die. Yes, it has Swamp Thing in it.)
  • Thanks to Johanna for letting me know about this article on alternative minimum tax with an entirely random Swamp Thing reference:

    “Dispatching the alternative minimum tax is like trying to kill the Swamp Thing, a Hollywood horror beast of the 1970s that kept resurfacing no matter how many times you tried to get rid of it.”

    Oh, okay, su…wha-huh?

  • And just because it’s my birthday: here, have another Myspace Swamp Thing:

    “About me:

    “What’s up people? I’m a crime fighting vegetable in the swamps of Louisiana! When I’m not slapping some evil mad scientist like a little b*tch; I’m mackin’ wid da Cajun hos. You ever wanna go slummin’ with me, holla. Oh, and I’m Jewish; so shalom biotch!

    “Who I’d like to meet:

    “I’d like to meet a woman that knows how to treat a plant right. You know, a woman that doesn’t mind fetching a little miracle-gro for me from time to time. I’m not saying I’m high maintenance, this brother just needs a little sunshine and fertilizer now and then. And I’m packin’ a twelve inch cucumber so if she was tall that would be good too. She also has to like swimming and can’t be afraid of alligators and snakes and sh*t.”

    I can’t help but think that this sounds slightly different from the Swamp Thing I’d been reading about all these years.

    He’s also a member of the adults-only Myspace group “gEt reaDy fOr a naSty tiMe,” which, again, seems a tad out of character for ol’ Swampy.

See you all tomorrow!

Richie Rich Billions #14 (January ’77)

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