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So some of you were asking about that “Hulk breaks a leg” thing.

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“This monumental adventure figures importantly in the continuity of nearly every single Marvel title. Events in this maxi-series will permanently and shockingly alter the histories of everyone from Captain America to the X-Men to Spider-Man! No matter who your favorite Marvel hero or villain is, you’ll find yourself absorbed in THE SECRET WARS to stay on top of the catastrophic changes in that superstar’s life!”

“…But what could possibly wound the Hulk, the Fantastic Four to change its membership, or make Spider-Man put on a new costumer? [Jim] Shooter tells us that these dramatic effects are nothing compared with the uncanny turbulence the Beyonder can cause!”

from Marvel Age #12 (March 1984)

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Hey, look, more alt text gags.


Well, not really 'gags' as such.


I mean, Bully the Little Stuffed Bull, HE does alt text gags like nobody's business.


You should visit his site at


But I really should take more advantage of the alt text/title function on my own site, here.


Maybe next time I'll write alt text that actually has something to do with the images.

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“You know, a lot of fuss was made about ‘The Big Changes in Secret Wars!’ And the fact is that change was not the point of Secret Wars. It was never the point. I don’t know how the talk started because here at Marvel, we always have changes. […] So the fact that in the twelve issues that made up the saga of Secret Wars there were significant events in the heroes and villains’ lives, considering how many issues there were, how could there not be changes?”

Jim Shooter, from Marvel Age #27 (June 1985)

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images from Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #12 (April 1985) by Jim Shooter, Mike Zeck & John Beatty, Incredible Hulk #295 (May 1984) by Bill Mantlo, Sal Buscema & Danny Bulanadi, and Incredible Hulk #296 (June 1984) by Mantlo, Buscema & Gerry Talaoc. Yes, the Hulks came out before Secret Wars #12, but take place afterward.

Thanks to Andrew Weiss for research assistance.

For further discussion of crossovers and their impact on characters, or lack thereof, here is this previous post of mine, from which I recycled some of the above quotes.

Out of Context Theatre Presents – What Hulk Can’t Fight

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Defenders #30 (Dec 1975) – cover by John Romita & Mike Esposito

The Passion of The Hulk

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“Hulk smash puny Romans!”


Some notes about the comics that came out this week:

JLA #95: To everyone giving Claremont and Byrne a bad time about the “Crucifer” vampire villain in their JLA story…I’d like to see you make fun of the name “Crucifer” to these guys. Besides, how can you not love a villain named “Crucifer?” It made me laugh, anyway.

Avengers/JLA #4 – cover to cover mayhem, lovingly detailed by George Perez. The plot can give you a nosebleed, but the plot’s sorta secondary anyway, what with all the superhero fight/team-up goodness in this here funnybook.

Punisher #4 – so the Punisher spends the entire issue tied to a chair, and he still comes across as the most dangerous person in the story. Garth Ennis is so right for this comic.

Oh, and by the way, this week was apparently “Dead Galactus Week” in new comics. Just thought you should know.

I still need to read the new Comics Journal Special…unpublished Jack Davis newspaper strips in this issue, folks, so check it out if you haven’t yet!

I did read the preview copy of Swamp Thing #2, due next week…whereas the first issue felt like some weird combo of Alan Moore’s and Mark Millar’s runs, the new issue opens up with a sequence that could have come straight out of the Rick Veitch issues: very creepy, but pretty goofy at the same time. Nicely done.

If I were to use my three-word-review format for the Hellboy movie, those three words would be “shoulda been animated.” Okay, I cheated a little. That’s okay, because I haven’t seen the movie, either. But those trailers don’t exactly fill me with confidence. So much of Hellboy‘s appeal is in Mike Mignola’s art that the characters seem to lose something in being translated to live-action. Maybe I’m wrong, but if I’m not compelled to see it, I’m not going to put up with the usual misery of the theatre-going experience just to see a film I’m lukewarm on.

I do very much enjoy the Hellboy comics, though, so if you haven’t run out and bought the 25-cent Hellboy comic at your local comics emporium…well, go do so already.

Sorry…today’s post is a little disorganized…still trying to get back into the swing of things. In the meantime, please enjoy this Return Donna Troy petition.

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