As to Your Qs Part Six: The Corsican Brothers.

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Finally, the end, just about, to my answers to your questions: here are parts one through five (1 2 3 4 5), and BEHOLD, part six:

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John gets to the root of things with

“Did you bother to keep tracking of the multiple Swamp Thing appearances in all the Convergence series books? There sure are a bunch of tiny ones. I counted 14 (not including the Convergence ST variant covers). I’d love to know if you kept a list.”

I discussed this at the time, where I noted that buying every. single. Convergence. tie-in. just for what was (kinda sorta) the same Swamp Thing panel was a bridge too far for me. I didn’t keep track, though I often think I should go back and at least note which ones had ’em in case I ever decide to plug those holes in the collection. But frankly, getting a pile of books just for that single image seemed wasteful to me, particularly since I had more use for them on my store shelves than sitting in a box back home.

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Dan dresses me down with

“There’s a new DC t-shirt I just saw at Target. All the characters appear to be Superpowers toyline era. I thought I was a DC fan but there are two characters I can’t ID: the guy between Aquaman and GA (some sort of Mexican Superfriend?) and then top right, next to Zod?”

The shirt in question is right here, and the first fella was easy, because I’d discussed him on the site before. That is El Dorado, who has, if I may quote myself from about seven and half years ago, “the superpower of having whatever superpower happened to be convenient at that moment.” The other fella was harder to figure out, and I was looking at Super Friends wiki after Super Friends wiki until I had the bright idea to look at this showcase of Super Powers action figures. That is Orion of the New Gods, believe it or not. I’m sure the fact that he appears to be smiling on that shirt is what threw us off.

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Matthew passionately notices

“lately, I’ve been noticing and encountering passionate/opinionated fans of comic characters that have appeared in TV and movies. They seem to get extremely worked up over continuity and staying true to their characters canon yet they typically don’t read the books.
What kinds of interactions have you had with fans of TV/movie comic characters?”

For the most part I haven’t had a whole lot of varied experiences with folks who are solely mass medium fans of characters versus fans of the actual characters as they are in the comics. It’s usually along the lines of “I liked so-and-so in this movie/TV show, watcha got comic book-wise with him/her/them?” and then I try to find something they’d like and hope for the best. Mostly, I seem to get the “Walking Dead has a comic book?” folks who then decide to try out an issue or two, or just jump right into the graphic novels.

Basically, if they’re coming into the shop, they’re aware of the existence of comics and are willing to try them out, or at least give ’em the ol’ hairy eyeball. I haven’t had much opportunity to slip the chains at my shop and walk amongst the common folk, to hear what those who have no interest in comics may have to say about those TV shows and movies. I’m still presuming there exists people who watched Smallville all ten years and have never realized it was inspired by a comic book.

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Adam Farrar goes too far with

“I’ve gotten used to the unnecessary bags on issues of Miracleman but what was up with ‘Miracleman By Gaiman and Buckingham #3’ being bagged and boarded?”

You’re not going to like my answer, and my answer is “haven’t the foggiest.” I suspect there was some miscommunication along the way, and the boards were inserted by accident. Aren’t Marvel’s subscription comics mailed wrapped in a polybag with a backing board? Maybe there was some confusion there. I’m not sure. At any rate, since the backing covered up the comic’s UPC code, I suspect that error will not recur.

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I can’t say “nay” to Anthony Naylor’s idea:

“What do you think about Bruce Timm’s team doing a DC animated Elseworld’s episode? Every episode would be a self contained Elseworld based story. On occasion they could do a 2 part story but it would all lead up to an Infinite Crisis story”

I think that’s just dandy. Don’t know what kind of budget that would entail, since that’s basically doing new character and environment designs for every episode, but I think it would be fun. I suspect if such a thing could happen, it would be The Big Three (Supes, Bats, Wondy) being thrown from Elseworld to Elseworld as the through line, since that’s probably, realistically, the only way it could get made. Anyway, yes, that would be neat. I’d like to see it someday.

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John emerges from the muck once again to ask

“It has been a busy and exciting year for you. What do you do to unwind and when you aren’t busting your butt at your shop and working on your website?”

Mostly I hang out with the girlfriend and her family, or I try to catch up on my reading (mostly failing) or those few TV shows I like to watch (only slightly less failing) and of course, sleep. Wonderful, wonderful sleep.

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PTOR finds the silver lining with

“Does Sterling Silver Comics only sell Silver-age comics, and whether or not that’s the case do you only accept payment in Silver coins or will sterling silver cutlery be accepted, and being if that is the case might it NOT be prudent to begun minting your own coin of the realm, in sterling silver, of course…?”

Oh, that’s very amusing, PTOR. Come closer, I have this silver hammer I borrowed from my friend Maxwell to show you….

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Okay, that wraps it all up from my original post, at least. There are a couple follow-ups I’ll address later, but for now, it’s time for some of that wonderful, wonderful sleep I mentioned earlier. Thanks for participating and reading, everyone, and I’ll be back sooner than you’d probably like!

4 Responses to “As to Your Qs Part Six: The Corsican Brothers.”

  • Patrick C says:

    With regards to that Target shirt, there are 2 that I can’t identify: the bald guy directly in front of Nightwing, and the robot guy holding his face in his hand between Dr. Fate and Sivana. If anyone can identify those, it’d be much appreciated!

  • Patrick C says:

    Ah, and in the time it took to post that comment I found an answer. Golden Pharaoh and Cyclotron for anyone that was interested!

  • Adam Farrar says:

    I like that answer! I hadn’t thought about their subscription service. You’re my go to source for Marvel’s odd Miracleman production practices.

  • I more than deserve the silver hammer treatment. No charges would be filed against you, and no court would condemn you.

    In fact…they MIGHT mint a commemorative coin for you.

    In sterling silver, of course.

    (Backs out of room)