Please don’t hotlink these gifs.

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So this week, I made one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made in regards to my comic collecting hobby.

…I decided not to buy some comics that featured Swamp Thing cameos.

Yes, yes, I know, I was shocked, too. Somehow or another, my Swamp Thing Sense™ began tingling as I was unboxing the week’s comics shipment, causing me to glance through the newest batch of DC’s “Convergence” event tie-ins. And, sure enough, the majority of Convergence installments this week did feature a tiny spot drawing of Swampy and a lady friend (more on that in a moment). The gimmick was that as the Bad Guy of the event was explaining the crossover’s premise to the the folks involved, you saw little portals into the various multiversal cities drawn into the event. And in each issue that pictured this array of windows, one of the portals contained an image that looked a little something like this:

That was from the Supergirl: Matrix issue, where it’s very clearly Abby standing there next to Swampy.

As opposed to this pic from the Aquaman installment:

…where that definitely isn’t Abby, or this one from Superman: Man of Steel:

…where that could be Abby, maybe, in poor lighting.

Now, given the premise of the series, it could be that the portals are presenting various versions of Swampy and a lady-pal from multiple universes, but…well, the only issue from this week’s Convergence tie-ins I was planning on getting for myself was the Green Lantern: Parallax one, and I think that’s going to have to be the representative illustration of this particular sequence for me. I was tempted to grab one of each of the tie-ins that had Swampy in it, but realized that I was going to need those copies for the shelf for my customers, rather than just hoarding them all in my own collection. So, there we go, an actual grown-up decision made for the benefit of the business rather than my own fanboyish need for completeness.

That’s not to say I won’t be getting both covers of each issue of the forthcoming Convergence: Swamp Thing mini-series. I mean, c’mon, let’s be serious here.

14 Responses to “Please don’t hotlink these gifs.”

  • King of the Moon says:

    So how are you filing the various issues?
    Under C for Convergence
    Or would Convergence Superboy be under the S’s?

  • swamp mark says:

    usually I appreciate it when you tell us about obscure Swampy appearances but not this time! What with all the cameos and guest appearances, it seems like every artist at DC wants to take a crack at drawing our favorite character. sure would be nice if they gave him his own title once this event wraps up but as it stands we don’t know if he will even be appearing in Dark Universe, whenever they bring that out. seems kind of strange, doesn’t it? oh well, off to the shop to buy these cameos. thanks, Mike.

  • Paul Di Filippo says:

    Mike, you have taken the hardest first step on the road to curing your addiction. May the Monitor light your path to the Source Wall.

  • Jon says:

    Sorry if you have already mentioned it, but is your store participating in Free Comic Book Day?

  • Mikester says:

    Jon – Yes, I will be! I’ll probably have a post about that in the nearest future.

  • Mikester says:

    King of the Moon – I am filing them all under “C” which has worked out okay for me so far.

  • Wriphe says:

    You’re a better man than I, Mike. I’ve been buying every CONVERGENCE issue that shows even a panel of Captain Carrot to keep my Zoo Crew collection complete. I’ve spent more money on comics in the past two weeks than I’ve spent in the past two years. It’s made me question my own sanity (and gullibility).

    I’m very happy to see that at least someone else has had to confront the sane issue and has been strong enough to make a more rational decision than I made.

  • Andrew Davison says:

    Perhaps you could take a ‘middle’ path. Decide on a minimum total page area required in a comic to represent a true Swamp Thing cameo (e.g. at least 25 cm2).

    Then go through the issues and measure the total area occupied by Swampy. If it’s more than 25 cm2 then buy the comic.

    Of course, it’s a shame that the panels you showed us are so irregularly shaped. You’ll need to apply triangulation principles to measure the areas accurately, but this is the sort of dedication a true fan will HAPPILY commit to.

  • Paul Di Filippo says:

    Does mention of Swampy by name necessitate a purchase? I just read the Green Lantern/Parallax Convergence title, and when GL is ensnared by some kind of plant master gal and her hyperthyroid shrubs, he shrugs it off with a reference to Swampy’s superior powers.

  • Brian says:


  • THIS sorry of thing has long been the bane of my collector-monkey completeist nature.

    I’ve purchased comics that had Doctor Strange as a mere head in a crowd.

    If there’s a computer monitor in panel, with a bunch of characters on it, and Doc IS but a tiny blip on that screen… bought.

    It had come to be both a point of pride and an admission of madness whenever ice spoken of my collections’ completeness.

    I DO draw the line at mere mentions of characters.
    If it’s a VERY favourable or important comment, then I MAY buy it (such as a recent issue of Fantastic Four, where Scarlet Witch mentions Doctor Strange to Mr.Fantastic -tho Wanda’s appearance helped seal the deal), but lately there have been many more where I just don’t bother (such as many recent X-MEN issues where Magik mentions she is an apprentice of Strange’s -tho Bendis-as-writer makes it easier not to buy it).

    However, THIS one tiny step does less to more questioning of what you “need” in your collection…and your life.
    You’ve just taken the first step into the void, Mike.
    Tread carefully.

    or something like that.


  • I know I proof read and correct typos, but my damned phone changes then back!

    This SORT of thing…

    …whenever I’VE spoken…

    …tiny step does LEAD to more questioning…

    * sigh *

  • Dean says:

    Use a razorblade to cut out the panels featuring Swamp Thing, and then put the comics back on the shelf. Everyone wins!

  • Mikester says:

    Paul – that was one of the Convergence tie-ins I was buying anyway, so that worked out nicely!