You probably weren’t expecting me to end the post this way.

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Seemed like an appropriate image to post, considering our current travails. It comes from the cover of Miracleman #7 (August 1986), published by Eclipse Comics as it was attempting to recover from a flood that devastated its offices and much of its comic stock.

We’re recovering okay from our own flood, as not a lot of actual store stock was lost…most of the unrecoverable items were personal materials from the back office. The primary issue is needing to move stuff out of the back so that we can clean up the mess, and that’s a lot of stuff. Thankfully, we have a lot of people helping out, so everything should be back to normal relatively soon. Still, it’s a huge pain and a significant disruption to the business, but thankfully our customers have been very understanding, gracious, and sympathetic, for which I am very thankful.

• • •

Let me note a few new comical-type things that came out this week:

  • Some nice archival stuff turned up this week, including Gahan Wilson’s Nuts! from Fantagraphics (a somewhat nostalgic/somewhat terrifying look at childhood), volume five of the Complete Bloom County, a third volume of John Stanley’s Libary: Nancy Vol. 3 (with our favorite ruffian on the cover), and the fourth volume of Prince Valiant from Fantagraphics (beautiful as ever).
  • In the “people in capes punching each other” department, the second issue of Batwoman shows that the art continues to be the star of the show, but thankfully the writing isn’t too bad, either. Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E. is still full of monsters fighting monsters and being strange about it, which is okay in my book. And Green Lantern #2…you know, if this just becomes a Hal Jordan/Sinestro buddy-cop series, I’d be okay with that.
  • The Shade #1 is probably best read without trying to think about how it fits into the New DC’s superhero continuity, because…yeah, no way. I mean, it spins out of the James Robinson Starman series, the very premise of which isn’t possible in DC’s “no Golden Age heroes in continuity” thing, if I’m understanding that right. Unless the Starman series now retroactively takes place on DC’s forthcoming Earth-2, where the Golden Age heroes are going back to, but that would mean the Cry for Justice series, referred to in Shade, is also on Earth-2…AAUGH. Mike no like think. Anyway, just enjoy it as a Starman follow-up…which was totally written without any of this new 52 business in mind. Don’t try to figure out how it fits with everything else. DON’T MAKE MY MISTAKE.
  • As an aside, here…speaking of things that didn’t account for the new 52 relaunch…I guess that big ol’ Firestorm cliffhanger from Brightest Day #24 is no longer an issue, given the character’s complete reboot.
  • I’ve been enjoying the new Hellraiser series from Boom!, which treats the whole premise with a little more seriousness and respect than most of the movies have. Clive Barker being involved in the book, even just a little, certainly helps.

• • •

In other, other news…I shaved my beard and dyed my hair. No, not because I’m on the run…the girlfriend and I wanted to see how it’d look, and by that I mean “she made me do it.” Hair is perhaps a shade…too dark, probably from not rinsing it out fast enough. I mean, “teak” is a nice color, right? As a result, I’ve been frightening the populace with my dark brown hair (a color that’s never been on my head, by the way) and my shorn face. I’ve also been called “Aaron” at least once, which I don’t understand since my face at least gets touched by a razor once in a while.

Photos possibly to follow, because if it’s one thing the internet needs, it’s more pictures of my mug.

16 Responses to “You probably weren’t expecting me to end the post this way.”

  • philip says:

    You, sir, are a tease. Your public demands a viewing of Chestnut Mike Sterling and his exposed face.

  • Roger Green says:

    The GF will regret this: “Brylcreem, the gals will all pursue ya!”

  • ExistentialMan says:

    Yes, yes. Pictures please. Especially one of a “flood-related-tired-of-moving-stuff-Mike-while-leaning-on-a-stack-of-comic-boxes”

  • John Parker says:

    Gosh, sorry to hear about the flood, Mike. It’s happened to me on 3 occasions, from mild to OhMyGod!proportions, so I can sympathize. Tho’ I run an English language school not a comic shop.
    BTW, if I sent something to your shop for you,what address would I send it to? (No, I’m not talking about sending cash).

  • Had not considered the continuity sinkhole inherit in the new Shade series. Chances are if it’s by Robinson then it’s of the same continuity as his Justice Society series, which is apparently off on its own — but you’d think DC would brand these issues a certain way. I don’t think retroactively springing a second Earth on fans is quite the right way to go about things (given rumors the Huntress series and Mr. Terrific are also part of the second-Earth continuity), but it’s a loser’s bet to guess what DC’s going to do these days.

    Truth is probably as you said — the Shade mini was conceived pre-relaunch, and maybe it would’ve been better for DC to just keep some old continuity titles alongside the new continuity titles, instead of this mish-mash.

    Best wishes on the flood cleanup.

  • adam says:

    I liked the Constantine movie okay. Then again, I saw it on a rented DVD. When you pay a buck to see something, you’re easier to please.

  • White Lantern Alec Holland says:

    Given the serious continuity problems caused by the new Huntress, Mister Terrific, and Shade titles have caused– it looks like DC will have to stage a CRISIS OF FINAL INFINITE JUSTICE SOCIETIES COUNTDOWN ZERO HOUR IN THE NEW 52 to clear up and streamline the DCnU-nU-Multiverse of parallel and alternate dimensions and decide how many Starman Legacy Museums, Mister Terrifics, Power Girls, Huntresses, and (spoiler) Deathstroke the Terminators there have been and—

    —Oh, wait. Nevermind…

  • Ray Van Buskirk says:

    Shaved your beard? Dyed your hair?!? Time to get my sign out that says “THE END IS HERE”, and start walking down the street.

  • Anonymous says:

    Mike Sterling’s appearance has changed due to his impending reboot. Soon, he will be decades younger and edgier. The Employee Aaron/Kempo marriage will be retconned away, via time travel. The recent flood may or might not have happened, due to conflicting continuity.

  • Rich Handley says:

    So, Mike. I haven’t picked it up yet, but I hear that Swamp Thing #2 introduces yet a THIRD World War II-era Swamp Thing (both Albert Hollerer and Aaron Hayley were Earth’s protectors during that era). Oy.

  • Casey says:

    Anonymous, two posts above me, wins. Everything.

  • swamp mark says:

    It’s so great to see that Mr. Handley is still paying attention.Time for him to post,eh,Mike?

  • Anonymous says:

    Time for him to update a certain Swampy–Hellblazing fansite, is what time it is…

  • Rich Handley says:

    Swamp Mark and Anonymous: You have warmed the cockles of my heart–or, at least, you would have if my heart had cockles. I appreciate the support, and wish I had time to devote to my site.

  • swamp mark says:

    I truly miss ya,buddy! Glad to see you’re keeping tabs on Swampy though cause that means there’s still a chance of your rebooting! Stay Green,pal!

  • Rich Handley says:

    Thanks, Mark! :)