April 2nd: April Fools’ Boxing Day.

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You may remember me mentioning pal Tom Foxmarnick on the site before, like when he gave me this swell SWAMPDOK drawing, or when I featured a couple of the ‘zines from his Kubert School years.

Well, the other day he gave a photocopy of the above drawing he did while at the Kubert School, circa 1979. Well, he did the pencils on it, anyway…the inks were by one of his instructors: Dick Giordano. Tom asked me if I’d put it on my site, since, with Mr. Giordano’s recent passing, folks might be interested in seeing a mostly-unknown sample of his work. So, there you all go. Pretty neat. Thanks, Tom!

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In other news:

  • As a couple of people have noted here and there…yes, there may have been a bogus item or two in yesterday’s End of Civilization post in honor of April Fools’ Day, the Internet’s Favorite-est Tradition. Most people commented on one, but nobody said anything about the other, which, admittedly, was mostly just for me.
  • Adam Knave brings you…a Man-Thing Public Service Announcement.
  • Are you reading Awesome Hospital, a comic rejected by some online webcomics initiative because it was, in fact, too awesome? You really should be.
  • And speaking of Chris Sims, he and Rusty Shackles have created a thing so great that you will fall to your knees and weep tears of bitter despair that it does not actually exist.

7 Responses to “April 2nd: April Fools’ Boxing Day.”

  • Mike Loughlin says:

    My guess is Shirtless Kirk. Of course, that would mean that Brigade #1 is real, which makes me weep inside.

  • Old Bull Lee says:

    But, knowing these things are real is what makes them terrifying and awesome. Why make any up?

  • Robcat says:

    Wow! Awesome Hospital IS awesome! I don’t know if they can keep up that much awesomeness, but thanks for letting me in on the ground floor! I hate starting a webcomic on day 4,000. With a comic, at least I can say “I can’t afford to go back. I’ll get some key TPBs.” But with a webcomic, it’s free! And so I waste 4,000 minutes or so starting from the beginning and trying to catch up.

    And I would so totally buy League ’88. I think they accidentally left out Buckaroo Banzai, though.

  • I second that. Thanks for the tip on Awesome Hospital Mike. At the moment it’s not a drip shy of perfect.

  • I am seriously going to be bummed out if the Big Boy Archive is the fake.

  • Pmack says:

    C’mon, really? Do some people really think there’s going to be Doom Generation action figures? Nobody caught that?

  • The Doom Generation figures were my guess. Of course, that’s not because I don’t think someone would make them. I just can’t believe they’d sell the figures that cheaply.