"Good Lord! They’re already loose!!"

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Loaned to me by pal Tom (not that pal Tom, but by this pal Tom) are a couple of the Joe Kubert School-produced ‘zines from when he attended there. The first is Manticore, published in 1976:

The jam cover design is credited to Steve Bissette, and drawn by the students.

This next one, Parade of Gore, came out in ’77 and features a Bissette-drawn cover:

Here’s a closer look at part of the Parade of Gore logo. I love the expression on the left-hand A:

Other contributors to these mags include Rick Veitch, Tom Yeates, John Totleben, Rick Grimes, Ron Randall, Dave Dorman, pal Tom…it’s a fun look at some early work by these creators.

Tom also told me that there were tons of these ‘zines floating around the school; that they would use them for toilet paper (probably an exaggeration) and that they’d use them for traction to get stuck cars out of snowbanks (probably not an exaggeration). All together now…AAAAARGH!

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