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“Start? I’ve never stopped!”

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from Charlie Brown’s ‘Cyclopedia Vol. 15 (1981)

Hi pals…I realize posting and content on this here website thingie has been a little more slight than usual lately. I’ll be back up to speed soon, but I need a bit of time to recharge the ol’ batteries. Thanks for understanding!

Sorry for the hiatus.

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I’ve been ill, so my online shenanigans have been curtailed. I’ll be back up to speed next week, with any luck.

The End of Civilization is postponed until tomorrow.

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Sorry, pals. It needs to sit on the stove a little longer before I serve it up.

In the meantime, get a load of this.

I had one heck of a busy and crazy day at the shop on Tuesday…

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…with this being the least of it, so I’m just going to contemplate card #49 from my complete set of Superman III trading cards:

…and relax while basking in the glory of Richard Pryor.

No time for posts, Dr. Jones.

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I may or may not be in Low Content Mode this week, but I’m certainly in Low Content Mode today, hence:

  • Congratulations and / or my sympathies to my blogging brother Tim on his ten year reign.
  • Employee Aaron’s wife Kempo has drawn Judge Dredd. If this is how he appeared in that most recent movie, maybe it would have made money.
  • Yes, I’ve seen the Onion article. And they’re wrong; those are the only two movies. Well, and The Spirit, too.

Just so you know…

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…I’m taking the rest of the week off. I’ll be back Monday, though I may have some kind of thing on Saturday. We’ll see.

In the meantime, that Swamp Thing cartoon I posted here the other day? You can totally get that as a high quality print now. Tell ‘em your pal Mike sent you! (And they’ll respond with “…Who?”)

See you Monday (or maybe Saturday).

Gone zooin’.

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Hopefully I will be at the Los Angeles Zoo today, taking pictures of buff-cheeked gibbons and pointing imprudently at the mighty mandrill. In the meantime, all of you behave yourselves and also try not to think about why, why Superman would keep these innocent creatures in such inappropriately tiny cages.

UPDATE: Alas, the trip is postponed. The mandrills are safe…for now.


image from DC Special Series #26 (Summer 1981) by Roy Thomas, Ross Andru and Romeo Tanghal

Oh, nothing…

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…just Kyle Baker putting a whole bunch of his comics on his site for you to read for free.

Seriously, Cowboy Wallyread it.

To whom does this mysterious torso belong?

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I suppose those of you who have not yet transcended desktop or laptop computing could just hover your pointer-mouse-thingie over the image and see the URL that’s linked there, but what’s the fun in that? Don’t ask, just click it and enjoy a swell pic by Jon Wolter.

In which your pal lets you know he’s going to be taking it easy for a few days.

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So I finally got my mitts on my very own copy of Four Color Fear, Fantagraphics’ collection of 1950s horror comics, and I think I’ve already decided these two panels (featuring what an unwanted zombie house guest does to torment his hosts) are my favorite so far:

In fact, as I was looking up the Fantagraphics link for the book, I discovered that the preview PDF file you can download from there has the very story those panels are from! So Geez Louise, go check it out already.

Anyway, just checking in here today to let you know that I’m going to be in Low Content Mode for the next few days. “Like you’re not already, Mr. Reduced-Blogging-Schedule?” Yeah, I know…and I’ll thank you not to mock my fine family name of Reduced-Blogging-Schedule and its proud history. But it just means I’ll probably just be image-heavy the rest of the week, with less of my blather spoiling things. Things will be back to normal, or whatever passes for it, soon. Mark my words, though…I’m still here, keeping my eye on you. Yes, you. I see what you’re doing. Stop that!

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