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“Get out of there, your patient is haunted!”

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Dr. Kildare #4 (December 1962-February 1963)
– image “borrowed” from the Grand Comics Database

The Low Content Mode is continuing until morale (and health issues) improve…I should be up and running again more or less as normal next week. Thanks for all your patients…er, patience, pals.

Tying the week together.

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The Nearsighted Mr. Magoo and Gerald McBoing Boing #6 (November 1953-January 1954)
– image “borrowed” from the Grand Comics Database

Oh, wait, I just got my own “can’t focus” gag in the last post.

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Gerald McBoing Boing and the Nearsighted Mister Magoo #3 (February-April 1953)
– image “borrowed” from the Grand Comics Database

Low content mode for a bit.

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Sorry pals, but I can’t focus on the site at the moment. I’ll be back in full form in a week or two, with any luck. You can still find me working the shop or causing problems on the Twitters.

In the meantime…GET READY TO BE MAGOOED:

Mister Magoo #3 (March-May 1963) – image “borrowed” from the Grand Comics Database


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Things didn’t work out as planned, so I’ll be doing the 2017 Prediction Post Epilogue on Monday. Thanks for your patience, and I’ll see you then!

By the way, I’ve been doing this website for over a third of my life. Weird, huh?

Actual content coming soon!

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1. Probably going to start looking at your 2017 predictions this Friday, so hang in there, pals! Those giant walls of text you’ve come to know and love are on their way! However, keep sending me your 2018 predictions!

2. Don’t forget that civilization ended yet again just last Monday…check it out, if you dare!

3. Bully, the Little Stuffed Magical Imp, is, for Two Thousand and Eighteen, bringing us a Year of Mr. Mxyzptlk (or is that…Mxyztplk?). How is that not like the greatest thing ever!


I’m probably not dead yet.

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Whoops, sorry, meant to post something for today, but I was a little too worn out last night and turned in early instead of, you know, blogging. So, um…hi, how are you?

I’m still taking your 2018 comics industry predictions, and thus if you are so inclined please chime in with your contributions.

That’s probably it from me for 2017, so I hope you all have happy and safe New Year celebrations, and I’ll see you again in that science fictiony-sounding year of Two Thousand and Eighteen!

Not dead, just resting.

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Taking just a brief break, and I will be back Monday, October 23rd with more of that prime Progressive Ruin content that kids crave and parents approve. Thanks for your readership and patience, pals.

Yes, as in “Star Wars Porgs.”

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I am pretty dog-tired as I write this…in fact, I believe I am as tired as, at the barest minimum, four dogs, so I’m going to just check in briefly for today’s Porg-essive Rue-Ann installment. I do intend on going back and discussing some of your responses to my Batman ’89 memories, and seeing if any more bits of info re: Mike of Comics Retailing Past have joggled loose in what we may refer to as “my brain,” for the lack of a better term.

However, after checking with him to make sure he wasn’t going to expand this information into a full-blown post on Armagideon-Time, I wanted to link to pal Andrew’s Bat-Burton era memories, such this tale of the Bat-worm turning on public perception of the Caped Crusader, or this one which almost defies explanation.

There’s a few more steps take down this particular memory lane, I’m sure, so I’ll get back to it mid-week. Add your own First Tim Burton Batman Movie Remembrances in the comments, if you’d like!

Also, I finally updated the Swamp Thing-a-Thon over on my Patreon with a discussion of Swamp Thing #7 (1973), the One with Batman in It. Taking a slightly less verbose, less recapp-y approach, and it’s still going to take some retooling, but I’ll get a hang of this whole “talking about Swamp Thing” business eventually. Just a dollar gets you in to see the magic!

You never know when I’m going to call YOU with questions about Cap’n Quick & A Foozle.

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Okay, to follow up on Chris Gumprich’s Cap’n Quick & a Foozle question from a few days ago, on whether or not it sold:

Yes, I did speak to my old boss Ralph about it, and his initial response was “…boy, that was a long time ago.” What he remembers, however, appears to jibe with my semi-educated guesses, that it sold okay at the time, due to 1) being a different kind of comics market then, with more people sampling oddball indie titles, and 2) being created by Marshall Rogers, who was an active “name” artist then (and not the gone-too-early legend he is now). Not a huge seller or anything, but did well enough. At any rate, we agreed it probably moved units that Marvel and DC would probably kill for now.

• • •

Blogging sister Tegan has the latest installment of her essays up at her site: “Tegan and Sara Made Me Queer” is #11 in a series, and you can encourage this sort of behavior by contributing to her Patreon, like I know I do.

• • •

Sorry for the short post, but your pal Mike needs to get some of this “rest” he’s read about in books. I’ll be back Monday with more of this exciting typing you’ve come to know and love!

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