ON VACATION sort of.

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I’ve found myself in need to recharge the ol’ blogging batteries, so it’s Low Content Mode this week as I spend my free time doing things like “getting enough sleep” and “spending a few hours a day not thinking about comics,” you know, novel experiences like that. Gimme a week, and I’ll be back in fightin’ trim on this site in no time. Or a week.

I’ll be around for email contact and whatever’s going on in social media, which is a good time to remind you that I’ve updated MikeSterling.com for all your Mike Sterling needs. There you can find links to my store (eight year anniversary this past weekend!) and its related online endeavors, my current personal links and social media-type stuff, as well as links to some on-hold or otherwise defunct projects.

Speaking of defunct projects, you may have heard Twitter is undergoing some…upheaval with its new management. I’m still there, and I’ll be riding that train right off whatever cliff it’s heading for. Given its ubiquity in online discourse and just society in general, one hopes it survives current issues — I know it’s a good communication tool with pals, and I’ve certainly done a ton of business there — but we’re all looking for alternatives Just In Case.

As such, you can find me on Mastodon (which appears to be bolthole of choice), but I’m on Cohost too, which is a contender.

Anyway, I’m around, I’m ALWAYS WATCHING, and I’ll probably pop in here once or twice during the week with some short form stuff, but I will be resting these weary blogging bones for a bit. Thanks for reading, and thanks for all your comments of late, and I’ll return in short order.

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